Tuesday, 26 May 2009

from 'oui monsier' to 'wee man'

Last Tuesday was our last morning in Paris. Whilst I was still snoozing, D had nipped out to the market on our hotel doorstep and picked up some traditional bread and cheese. He also wanted to purchase a tomato, for our snacks for our long wait at the airport, but the stallholder refused to sell him one tomato, but that was all we wanted for our sandwich, he came back without any.

After checking out, we took a walk over to La Brazza and enjoyed our last café noir and then headed off the metro that had to link to the RER for the airport.
On our way, we took on more postcard photo of a Tabac and wished Paris Au Revoir until next time maybe.
On coming into Glasgow International airport terminal every person is hit by a mass of blue and white posters, firstly Welcoming you to Scotland, then the Homecoming campaign and then you see other posters promoting all things Scottish: golf, shortbread and whiskey. When I got home and settle back into my usual routine, I read this article online of Scots ‘not tolerant’ of migrants. Back to real life, eh. Yes I am in the West of Scotland were the language on the underground is of ‘wee man’ and ‘pish off’, no more ‘oui monsier’, ‘oui madame’ and excusez moi’. Home sweet home.

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  1. I've not been to Scotland yet so I'm not sure how tourists fare there, but I have always had good experiences traveling in France.


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