Sunday, 31 May 2009

Feeling hot,hot, hot

but we shouldn't moan, its a welcome change from all the rain we've been having. We spent about 6 hours at Plot 45 today. We got a lot and I mean a lot done for a day like this. So not many photographs today. But let me assure you everyhting in plot 45 is looking blooming marvellous. The peas are starting to flower, so are the tomatoes in the greenhouse. The potato leaves are looking sturdy, the beetroot and parnsip seem to be doing okay, the carrots and the strawberries are my main stars.

Today, we built some wigwams and a frame for the neckar, blauhilde and blue lake climbing beans, planted out the courgettes and baby golden apple baby pumpkins, fennel and marigolds. Along with the usual chore of weeding of nettle and horsetail.

We had to borrow a fellow neighbours waterhose today as lugging the watering can back and fro was taking its toll on me.
Finally saw a few bees buzzing around the herbs and lupins. Even managed to capture one on camera.


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