Sunday, 1 December 2019

Pear and Walnut Cake

So its the start of December and our Christmas tree has come down from the attic and is standing upright in our living room and, shimmering it little lights.  The next couple of weeks we will be turning out minds to getting Christmas gifts to put beneath the tree.  But for me its still too early to start sharing festive recipes, so I will share this Pear and Walnut Cake that i made a few months back with pears I had picked from the garden. 
I don't remember the recipe I used - I think it may have been adapted from this recipe for Courgette, Apple and Apricot Cake, that is what happens when you don't write up a blog post.  What I do remember though, it was moist and delicious.  
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  1. I have a few recipes like that - good photos but poor memory! It looks delicious though.


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