Tuesday, 3 April 2018

April In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen... 
I have some red Chard and leeks (not shown) harvested from the allotment garden plot over the Easter weekend. 
In My Kitchen, some ethically sourced Brown Rice from smallholders in Malawi.  It was being sold in my workplace by a charity to raise awareness of Fairtrade fortnight.

We were in Bristol on a Sunday and had a good walk around.  Walking from the city centre to a farmers market at The Tobacco Factory.  There was a Mexican Stall.  He had lots of chili sauces, and D did say to me to get a couple, but I declined.  As I mentioned to my regular readers, my chili tolerance is waning, so I am abstaining for now.  I did however, pick up some blue corn tortillas.  I have never seen them being sold before.  The stall holder, also advised, once they are open they can be frozen, which is good to know as we will never go through 40 unless I host a Mexican theme meal and invite some people over.  On the way back to the city centre of Bristol, we also briefly popped into VX Bristol Junk Food.  This time I came out empty-handed. 
Over the Easter weekend, we went into Abergavenny.  We went into a second hand and upcycled furniture shop.  We came out with this wine rack.
It didn't quite fit where we had planned, so its temporarily placed on top of the kitchen cupboards laden with....no...not wine...but...
Flavoured syrup - the new ones in the kitchen are Chocolate Mint and Lavender.  I got the Salted Caramel over Christmas for D.  Yes, we do drink a lot of coffee, but I also figured these are good for cakes too. And when the nephews and nieces come over and want to play Coffee Shop. 
In My Kitchen, there is a bottle of Gochujang Sauce, to go along with my Gochujang Paste and home-made Kimchi (not shown).  
In My Kitchen, you will find some Jamaican Jerk Seasoning.  I have made Jamaican Jerk Paste in the past, but this time I thought I'd give this jar a try as the one I tried in the past was a little too salty.  This was good and I actually used it this time for my Jamaican Jerk Scotch Eggs.
In My Kitchen you will find some dried limes in readiness for a Middle Eastern recipe called Ghorme Sabzi
A few weeks back, I made a Hazelnut Tempeh Pate at home, but I wanted to show my readers that I do also use some shop bought ones, such as this Granovita Olive Pate and Mushroom Pate.  
In My Kitchen, you will pretty much always find Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Infusion.  Its  one of my favourite tea.  I was intrroduced to me by my best friend Leah, who lives in America.  I hope one day we will meet again and drink tea together, once again. 
I have been meaning to share this  Welsh Cake Stout Cask over Christmas.  It was good at the time, but it lost its oomf.  Its one of those alcoholic drinks, once opened needs to be consumed  with friends around.  I did have a taste.  It was okay, but its not my kind of drink.  I am a wine person. 
And finally, some chocolate!  No no Easter egg chocolates.  This is actually the last box of chocolate we were given over Christmas.  Look closely at the postcard or Christmas scene.  I was especially impressed with the scene in the sky.  This was quality chocolate and not at all sickly sweet and sugary.  

I am sharing this blog post with Sherry Pickings for In My Kitchen series, an opportunity to take a peek into fellow bloggers kitchen world wide. 


  1. too bad the wine rack has to be up top where the wine might be too warm! I hope you find a more convenient location. Like you, I'm a wine person, but we luckily have an insulated space in the basement that is pretty consistent in temperature.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. Harvesting the first days of april??? WOW! Totally impossible here ... everything is still covered with snow... You make me dream!
    All of your purchases are tempting!

  3. Chard remains one of my favourite vegetables both for its taste and aesthetics - those colours! I'm also impressed at your ability to hold onto chocolate for so long - I'm not sure I'd be able to manage the same willpower. I'm glad you got the blue corn tortillas too!

  4. Hi shaheen
    Great to have you in IMK land. Love all your flavoured syrups. Nice wine rack. Cheers S x

  5. love seeing in your kitchen - that wine rack is just lovely but I would not have much use for it for wine - I love how you use it - I could find room for a lot of other bottles in the kitchen. Have you made any cakes with the syrup - they sound delicious. I wonder if they would go well in stewed fruits (I stewed some fruits with my gingerbread syrup) The chocolate is very cute. And I can see that the cask of stout would be tempting but hard to get through.

  6. Happy Spring Greeting, Shaheen!

    I can totally eat most of the stuff in your kitchen.
    The Red Chard is one of my favorites for juicing too.
    And, the Gokujong is great with most recipes.

    Cheers - looks like you have it all in perfect order like a true epicurean :)

    Happy Spring <3

  7. You do have a good coffee shop set up! And I remember that Bengal Spice tea and loved it - but haven't picked it up for ages.

  8. Another wine person here, great looking rack but as Mae said probably not the best place for it unless you intend to drink the wine very quickly. Your vegetables from the allotment are gorgeous, chard is one of my favorites.

  9. Shaheen, I love Scotch Eggs and your Jamaican Jerk version got my attention! (So did your blue corn tortillas -- I was thankful to learn 'bulk tortillas' can be frozen -- who knew?!) When I first looked at your wine rack, I thought it was ROOM SIZED and envisioned a wine cellar (I'm a wine person, too!) until I saw it "to scale" on top of your cabinet. Too funny! Perspective is everything. :)

  10. Completely envious of your chard, all of my chard, kohlrabi and chard got eaten by rabbits overnight. Love blue corn tortillas, they have delicious nutty sweet flavor. :)


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