Friday, 5 September 2014

Vegan Wild Blueberry Swirl Cake

Regular readers may remember that a couple of weeks back I harvested a handful of blueberries, well this is what I made with them and half a jar of Wild Blueberry Preserve bestowed upon me by my lovely nephew a few months back for a house-warming present - a Blueberry Bundt cake.

If you look close, you can just about see the wild blueberry preserve swirls and some fresh ones that have burst.  
I know, I know, I agree it could have done with a little iced lemon drizzle, but it was still rather nice with a cuppa tea. 
By the way, I am hosting a vegetarian and vegan food challenge called Vegetable Palette .The theme this month is Purple and Blues, see link for further details here, so if you have a recipe this month that fits, please feel free to share. 


  1. Shaheen,
    I love that cake and the bundt cake pan.
    I used to make a Apple Buttermilk loaf in a pan like that.
    Very nice!
    Peace :)

    1. Thank you Chandra, I am hoping to use it a bit more now that I have rediscovered it. Love the sound of your cake, I don't often bake with buttermilk, the last time was with muffins and thats going years back.

  2. well, it looks stunning, would have loved to have seen a slice... I'm going to bake a bundt this weekend I think. Love the addition of blueberries!

    1. Thank you, and yes I know I should have - but I took it over for sharing. Next time.

  3. Blueberry cake is such a lovely thing! Sounds wonderful!


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