Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Vegan Beetroot and Raspberry Jelly

I made a Carrot Jelly infused with Pomegranate Seeds a little while ago, and then thought why not give it a go with some Beetroot Juice and some homegrown raspberries.  

I've had some Beet It Beetroot Juice in the fridge for the past couple of weeks. It is quite velvety and smooth and really strong in flavour, that you sip it slowly like good wine.  I have been drinking it on and off, in small 'shot' portions.  

As well as drinking it, I have also used for a couple of recipes such as the vegan BBQ Beetroot Seitan 'Steaks'.  But wanted to go one step further and enjoy it for what it was, rather than just use it as an additional ingredient so a grown up version of jelly came to mind, but at the same time bearing in mind the potency of the beetroot hit, I knew it would be madness unless you are a true lover of beetroot to make pure beetroot jelly, so to cut down on the intense deep beetroot richness, I decided to throw in a lot, and I mean a lot of fresh raspberries from the garden and it worked fantastically, as well as beautiful to look at.  
Whilst making it and stirring in the agar agar, I got a tad nervous wondering if it would actually set as the juice was quite velvet thick.  But there was no need to, it worked well, there was that wibbly wobblyness that you expect from a jelly. Taste wise the beetroot juice jelly was now mellower in flavour and very enjoyable, even I liked it and those of you who have been reading my blog will know that I have come to like and appreciate beetroot over the years and shown how versatile a vegetable it can be in both savoury and sweet dishes: from currys to cakes and desserts.  
I will be making this Beetroot Jelly again come October for Halloween, and I may call it Vampire 'Beet Blood and Guts Jelly' or something like that to get the nephews and nieces attention.  Anyway, feel free to top off the Beetroot Raspberry Jelly with a little cream or vegan alternative, but D said he did not think it was necessary and I have to agree. 

I will post the recipe later today. Makes 4 - 6 portions depending on trifle dish sizes. Recipe can easily be halved. 


  1. Hi Shaheen,
    Love the dragon photo and the potential name for the jelly!
    BTW - I think the Lablab beans are likely the same as Hyacinth Beans.
    Please see my post for more details.

    1. Thanks Chandra,
      I will come on over to see.

  2. look forward to this recipe because I haven't managed an agar jelly that works - but this looks just amazing with such a beautiful colour

    1. Thanks Johanna,
      I will share the Carrot and Pomegranate one soon too, the recipe for the Beetroot one should hopefully be written up tomorrow, just had a few hectic days.

  3. This looks beautiful! I bought some vegan gelatin replacement recently so would be keen to test it out with this :)

  4. Great colour. Definitely a must for halloween!!

    1. Thank you Kate, yes - i am hoping to make again, but not sure if the little ones will appreciate the beetroot jelly.

  5. This looks gorgeous! The colours are magnificent, I can't wait for the recipe!


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