Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Runner Bean Risotto with Balsamic Beetroot Drizzle

I have and always try to make whatever vegetable I use play a starring role in the dish, not just a bit side part.   However, saying that I do struggle finding interesting and inspiring recipes for runner (flat) beans and find myself often just blanching them, then dousing in a little extra virgin olive oil and seasoning and serving them simply on the side.  Not this time, as the runner beans play a central role in this risotto dish accompanied by an optional cheat balsamic beetroot drizzle. 
It was lovely.  I enjoyed every mouthful.  The risotto was naturally creamy, no addition of cream or vegan alternative.  The runner beans still had bite and the beetroot gave it that extra boost, both in favour and visually. 
I know some people cannot eat risotto without a grating of cheese on top, or even vegan cheeze - a dairy free alternative, but I have pretty much always enjoyed my home-made risotto dishes without this additional richness, but feel free to cater to your own tastes.  


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Thank You