Sunday, 4 December 2011

Romanesco Cauliflower Cheese Tart

I wanted to use the remains of the blanched Romanesco cauliflower (from the macaroni cheese) for a 'Feta and Black Olive Tart', but I had no feta cheese in my fridge, so it had to be made with the blue cheese. 

Ah it was okay, the rest of it will be eaten during the week when the hungry pang strikes.
Romanesco Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Tart
For the shortcrust pastry - follow here for the pastry recipe.
Blind bake the pastry tart tin and set aside.
Serves 4 – 6
Ingredients for the filling
250g - 300g Romanesco Cauliflower florets, blanched, drained and set aside
2 eggs, beaten
120ml milk
100g - 120g blue cheese, crumbled
Salt and pepper to taste
Preheat the oven to gas mark 5. 
 In a measuring jug, add the milk, and beat eggs, about 80g of the blue cheese and season with pepper and a little salt to taste.
Spread the blanched cauliflower florets on the bottom of the tart. Pour over the liquid mixture, then top with remaining cheese and bake in the oven for 35–40 minutes, until set and a little golden on top. Easy as that.


  1. Just can't get a liking for blue cheese at all.

  2. Cookie Jar,
    I understand - it is an acquired taste - so why not try it with feta cheese. I think it will be fine with cheddar too.

  3. I am very sad to say that I had a Romanesco Cauliflower the other day and it went mouldy and unused as I had no idea what to do with it. This looks lovely though and so simple, it'd be great to do after work!

  4. I've never tried romanesco cauliflower. The family aren't big fans of cauliflower at all, I wonder if they would feel differently about this. Thank you for entering my giveaway.

  5. Unlike The Cookie Jar, I'm a great fan of blue cheese - and I think it goes particularly well with broccoli. Stilton and Broccoli soup is one of my favourites.

  6. fantastic! nice to meet you!

  7. Oh Zoe - well maybe next time you'll find inspiration to cook with it :)

    Thank you Jo.
    I think your family may approve of romanesco cauliflower - the smella nd flavour is completely different to the normal white variety. Thank you for hosting the giveaway too. I am hoping to do a giveaway myself, but its been postponed until I move home now. Been collecting lots of small things.

    Thanks Mark.
    I have to admit I was not a huge fan of blue cheese, it was an acuired taste - i started off with brie and then progressed, now I odn't mind it at all. Picked up some stilton yesterday, no Broccoli - I have to say I do like Stilton and Broccoli soup.

    Thank you Mafalda.

  8. It's an island!!!! With beautiful green cauliflower trees and soft, sticky cheese beaches. Jerry (from Tom & Jerry) would love it here. though I think he'd stay away from the trees :D

  9. Thanks Sumaiyyah.
    You are ever so imaginative in your descriptions :)

  10. This looks gorgeous! I've never tried Romanesco Cauliflower--I'll definitely keep an eye out for it.

  11. Thank Lauren.
    Do please, its flavour is completley different.


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