Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Lights at George Square

Last weekend, we went into Glasgow city to inject a bit of Christmas cheer into our souls. 

There is presently a Christmas/continental market in the city centre.  This time of year,  I normally like to treat myself to a mug of mulled wine, but  I was put off it a couple of years ago when I went to Edinburgh with my nephew - see here.  The Glühwein we had from one of the stalls there was quite disappointing to drink like watered down blackcurrant juice.  This is to say, it did not conjure up warm memories of drinking Glühwein in Gothenburg. 

We continued to wander through the crowds, when I was tempted by the look of the churros.  The smell evoked a memory of my time in the streets of Paris.  There were even some aebleskiver - Danish pancakes for the offering, but the prices that were being charged to enjoy these deterred me.  Instead the scrooge in me, found some pleasure in watching people being merry amidst the hustle and bustle. 
This carousel and the lights are namely in George Square against the backdrop of Glasgow City Chambers - a very impressive building - inside and out.

This photograph (above) was going to be my entry to Tinned Tomatoes festive photographs, but somehow I missed the deadline. Boo hoo.
So please, let me share some Christmas colour with you.


  1. Really nice photographs :)
    So even if the mulled wine is not as good as in Sweden, enjoy the last pre-Christmas days. Have a wonderful holliday time and good luck to you and your family with everything (moving, work, health) for 2012!

  2. Gorgeous lights Shaheen - I'm sorry you missed that photograph deadline because these deserve to be in a photography competition :) On the plus side, we get to see them instead - thank you!

  3. The lights and the carousel are beautiful. Did you ride on the carousel? I hope both of you can enjoy some seasonal cheer. I watched an interesting documentary about several doctors using whole foods and plant-based diet to reverse certain diseases, called Forks Over Knives. I'm not sure if you can get this in the UK but it is worth seeing if you can.

  4. Lovely photos, Shaheen.
    Happy Christmas to you, and I hope that 2012 brings you better fortune.

  5. What beautiful pictures. Happy Christmas Shaheen x

  6. Oh man you've gotta participate in the swap next year it was SO SO fun! P.s I'm lovin your blog :)

  7. Wow! This merry-go-round is amazing! Merry Christmas, Shaheen! :)

  8. It looks very festive. We've got a Christmas market in Leeds too, but everything is so expensive.

  9. I never manage the deadlines - have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. Thanks Torwen.
    I should have mentioned that I do actually have a bottle of mulled wine, given to me as a gift early in the year by my nephew. I beter check it and drink it, fingers crossed its not past it sell by date.

    Thank you so much for the warm wishes.
    You have a wonderful holliday time too with your family and Yours Truly too x

    Thank you Kari.
    Yeah me too, never mind :) But I also agree you get to see them instead - so its still a win win!

    Thanks e.
    It does look far more effective in the dark with the lights. Nah I Didn't ride the carousel. I am too much of a wimp :(
    Thank you so much for the warm wishes.x
    I've heard of Forks Over Knives. I will look out for it on DVD, its unlikely that it'll be shown on the screens in the UK. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Thank you Mark.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family too.

  11. Thank you mother of purl.

    Thank you so, so much Claire Bear.
    Fingers crossed that I am able to participate in the swap next year :)
    Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

    Thank you Lela.
    Merry Christmas to you too :)

    Thank you Jo.
    I should not say this, but its comforting for me to read that you've noted the Christmas markets being so expensive I thought perhaps it was just me.

  12. Magnolia,
    I'm pretty good at meeting deadlines, this was just an oversight.

  13. lovely festive pictures - have a great christmas

  14. Looks beautiful. I really must try and go and look next year. I am always running for my train connection and never have time. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I'm a bit of a scrooge too - not about Christmas which I love but about these type of markets which always seem ridiculously over priced. Hope you enjoy your Christmas despite the lack of churros ;-)

  16. Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year!

  17. Thank you Janice.

    Thanks Choclette.
    Hope you enjoy your Christmas ;-)

    Happy HOlidays mia maria.

  18. What a festive atmosphere for Christmas, Shaheen. You're anything but a Scrooge! All the best to you and yours this holiday season!

  19. Complimentiii per il blog e grazie per essere passata dal mio blog a presto

  20. Thank you Barbara GF.
    All the best to you too.

    Thank you so so much Lucia.

  21. I'm a little late catching up with all the posts but wanted to say I loved your photo's!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and next year will be your best ever ;D

  22. Thank you so much Neesie.
    For your kind comments over the past year and your warm wishes for the future.


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