Thursday, 9 May 2019

May In My Kitchen

I've been quiet busy, hence the reason I have not been blogging much over the past few weeks, but I do like joining in with In My Kitchen hosted by Sherry's Pickings, so here are some things in my kitchen.
I know the above looks a bit suspicious, but let me assure you its not what you think it is?!  Its actually a natural bamboo tea filter.  I picked it up when we were in   Abergavenny a few weeks back. I am not keen on the metal tea strainers as I find they leave a metallic aftertaste, so I was pleased to find a wooden variation at the market.  I also picked up a blooming tea.  Now I need some friends over to share it with. 
Whilst, rummaging through one of the cupboards, I found a packet of Seed and Bean Mix for sprouting.  I hope to give them a go over the week, but don't hold your breath as I have never been successful in sprouting at home, with the sprouts going mouldy.  I think part of the reason is my kitchen is dark and not getting much natural light, but I will try again and who knows you may see some sprouted seeds scattered over some homemade dishes. 
A friend of mine had ordered some Wakame Seaweed online, however he did not like it one tiny bit and remembered that I have used some seaweed  in the past, so gave me the packet rather than throw it in the bin - it was quite pricey.  I have to admit I am not sure how to use the wakame seaweed in my cooking, so will have to do some research around that - unless of course some of my readers have suggestions. 

We like nibbling on Cheese and Crackers come Friday night or the weekend, so we always have crackers and oatcakes at home.  The fine oatcakes that we tend to purchase on habit were not on the shelf, so we decided to try the cracked black pepper variety for a change. 
From oats to Porridge Oats! Some of you may remember from my last blog post, that we are trying to reduce plastic in our home.  So we have stopped buying oats in plastic bags that are not recyclable, in favour of the cardboard variety. We buy oats for making homemade flapjacks for the working week lunch.
From porridge oats flapjacks to a couple of seed bars that sounded interesting: Salted Caramel and Cocoa Coconut.  These are back up snack bars for when we run out of homemade flapjacks!
Shame on me, but I was tempted by these limited edition Strawberry Jaffa Cakes.  I won't be getting them again, I think I prefer the Kind Cakes, Mean Bakes  Jaffa Fakes found in Bristol. 
With the weather warming up nicely and us pottering in the garden, we picked up to non-alcoholic beverages.  The first is all fancy looking and quite celebratory Red Grape and the other Rose. I look forward to guzzling on these come the next warm weekend in the garden. 
Not that exciting, some tinned chickpeas for easy Chickpea Curry dinners on days when I cannot muster the energy to be creative in the kitchen.  We buy these two brands on and off, but I wanted to try the chickpeas in a glass jar which cost 20p more, both are recyclable. 
 D likes Greek Yogurt, so this was his purchase. 
Another purchase by D Wookey Hold Cave Aged Farmhuse Cheddar, let me tell you it was disappointing. 

I am sharing this blog post with Sherry's Picking for the In My Kitchen series.  If you would like to join in, send your post to Sherry by the 13th of the month.  Its continues to be one of my favourite blog events as I am a nosy person and like to see what other bloggers have in their kitchen.    


  1. I love IMK too - always interesting to see what everyone is doing. Good luck with your sprouts. I wish we had Nairn and Scotts Oats and Schloer. One of my flatmates in an Edinburgh share house cut out the picture on the box of Scotts oats to put up in the kitchen so it makes me feel a bit nostalgic. Chickpea curry sounds a pretty decent option when you don't have energy for tea. I think I have used wakame seaweed in soup

    1. Thanks Johanna.
      So pleased that I brought back some good memories with the Scotts Oats.
      I made some flapjacks for work colleague for Vegetarian Week in the UK, they were popular.
      I hope your well, noted that your blogging is down this month too, for me its blogging energy after work that all I want to do is crash out when I get home after a long day.

  2. hi shaheen
    lovely to have you joining in IMK again. we love chickpeas in this house and i always have some in the pantry. funnily enough i just whipped up a bowl of hummus this morning for some crazy reason! i'm not sure i like the sound of strawberry jaffa cakes. the local biscuit company here stopped making them ages ago and it is hard to get the mcvities ones. how adorable is that tea filter. just so cute. have a good month. cheers sherry

    1. Thank you Sherry. Love hummus and made some recently with nettle from the garden. Yeah to strawberry Jaffa cakes were disappointing. I love the tea filter, so glad you like it too.


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