Saturday, 18 May 2019

Fennel Relish or Fennel Salsa

So how are my blog readers?!  I have noted that some of my regular blog reads and favourite bloggers have been quiet.  I hope your all well and perhaps like me energy for blogging is waning, especially after a long day at work that all you want to do is crash out when you get home; or concentrate on other things that matter more, and that is cool.  I have been doing the same too.

I haven't been that experimental in the kitchen either, relying on recipes in my repertoire for evening meals. Saying that I did make  some flapjacks for work colleague for Vegetarian Week in the UK, they were popular; and also some Wild Nettle Hummus.  The nettle came from the garden plot. Today I am sharing  Fennel Relish that I made a few weeks back.  
This was actually meant to be Fennel Salsa for snacking on in the evenings, but we never got round to snacking on it with pitta chips, crackers or crisps.  I did not want to waste it, so during the working week, I ended up stirring it into come cooked pasta with the addition of slice black olives and taking it into work for lunch.  It made for a nice change. 
Also I know it does not look very green here, but I am still going to share this fennel relish with Eat Your Greens challenge that I co-host with The Veg Hog.  

Please do share with us your vegan or vegetarian green recipe as there is still time to join in. 
Fennel Relish
1 medium fennel
1 fresh red chilli, minced
1 clove garlic, crushed
3 tomatoes, roughly chopped
2 tablespoon extra virgin oil
Salt to taste
Remove the outer layers and discard any discoloured part of the bulb
Cut out the core of the fennel
Thinly slice the fennel, with a mandolin if you have one
Put all the ingredients into a small pot including oil and salt.
Gently bring to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
Turn off heat and allow to cool, before transferring to a dish.
Refrigerate until ready to use. 


  1. I can smell it all the way from here :)
    Delicious salsa, I bet.
    Happy Day to you, Shaheen :)

  2. This sounds like a lovely condiment to toss through pasta or eat with nice cheese and bread. Yes it does seems quite in blogging right now - and we haven't even got to Northern Hemisphere summer when it always seems a bit quieter. I haven't been making much blog worthy stuff and I do have a few things to blog but I think I get fussier which doesn't help when busy. Enjoy relaxing after work - sounds like you need it.

    1. It was good tossed through pasta.
      So good to hear you agree with the lull in blogging, I thought it was just me. Like you I too haven't been making blog worthy stuff, or truth is - its recipes that have in the past been blogged.

  3. Fennel is often served on a platter with other vegetables to be used to dip into a bowl of something creamy, so it's quite original to use it as the main ingredient of a dip to use with something else. I assume you had in mind a cracker or chip-like dipper?

    My blog has been pretty quiet because I was traveling off the grid, but now I'm back to it.

    best... mae at

    1. Hi Mae good to hear from you and good to know that you have been travelling.
      I like the idea of eating fennel raw with a dip, but as our weather here is often nippy and chilly, we don't tend to do salad style dishes much. Yes I did have crackers in mind for this recipe when I made it, but it was still very good stirred into cooked pasta

  4. Nice fennel relish. I've started liking fennel a lot, so I might give this new idea a go.

    I've been also quite busy at work, and then relaxing at home. May has been surprisingly tiring month, also a lot of things going on in my family. I'm still here though, and Eat Your Greens recipe is coming very soon!

    1. Hi VegHog, good to hear from you and pleased that you are both relaxing at home and involved in family stuff. LOok forward to seeing your #eatyourgreens recipe soon. PS I know - you becoming a convert of fennel:)


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