Monday, 4 December 2017

Gloucester Vegan Market

Gloucester's first ever Vegan Market took place over the weekend and I was there.  Gloucester Vegan Market was held at Blackfriars in the city centre.
There were over 50 stalls selling diverse cuisine from the Caribbean and India, as well as burgers,, hotdogs, pies, falafels to sweet treats such as raw chocolate, cupcakes, cookies and fudge to drinks from mulled wine, Prosecco to kombucha.

Here are a selection of decent pictures that I managed to take during the heightened excitement.

Happy Daisy.
 #BeTheChangeFoods were selling cookies - I got given one complimentary, so long as I promoted ~BeTheChangeFoods on social media.  I keep my promises and yes, the cookie was Delicious.  I saw them both later in Gloucester city centre proudly wearing their Vegan Runners gear. 
I was super excited to finally meet and see fellow blogger Sharon who blogs over at Bit of The Good Stuff which also happens to be the name of her first plant based cookbook.  Here is a peek inside the cookbook.  Sharon was really gracious and took time out to speak with me.  I loved her spirit, honestly and she was so down to earth.  She was their with her husband and handsome son, whom the plant based cookbook is dedicated to.  Sharon described the cookbook as a labour of love and designed for people transitioning to a plant based or vegan diet.  Of course I came back home, with my own copy of Bit of the Good Stuff.  If you not familiar with Sharon's blog Bit of The Good Stuff I encourage you to take a look at it.

 I thought of fellow blogger The VegHog when I saw these hedgehog bread rolls.
Above Some raw sweet treats and below some baked treats
Here is a link to the Gloucester Vegan Market and the full vendor list - stalls that were there as I was not able to get photographs of all, as it was packed and perhaps the venue was small and a bit spread out that I worried I may have missed some stalls.  
Kombucha in many natural flavours - I really want to make my own, but have not come across anyone who will share their scoby with me.  I wait patiently for that person. 
I came home with quite a few bits and pieces this time, including  4 tubs of fudge from Fab Fudge.
Vegan Cheez Ball from The Vegan Food Co - its one of my favourites, I always sample a piece when I see it on offer.
 Gingerbread Almond Butter and Chai Spiced Almond Butter on offering amongst others.
Outside I spotted the makers of the best ever vegan New York Baked 'Cheesecake' Hardcore Vegan Catering Unless & Artisan 'Meats'  and some newbies like Tubby Tom.
My photograph of Tubby Tom's stall was not very good, so I have used one I found promoting the event, I hope they do not mind me using it here. 
Image Source Vegan Food and
Look at this awesome black burger bun from Seitan's Grill -  Seitan's Tasty As Hell.
 Oscar's Vegan Hotdogs
I look forward to going back next year and Well Done to everyone who made Gloucester Vegan Market happen and raising a whopping £3291 for Dean Farm Trust. especially the volunteers, without whom the festival would not have been possible.


  1. What great vendors and products! I will visit Bit Of The Good Stuff! She seems pretty cool!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this...Will take a peek at Sharon's blog.

  3. Aah those hedgehog rolls, so cute! And looks like a really great event.

  4. You alwyas seem to find some great vegan festivals to get to. Both the fudge and the cheez ball have been on my list to try for a while, so I'm glad to see they're both really good! thanks for the tip on Bit of the Good Stuff too - I'll give it a look!

    1. Gloucester Market was a success, but many people missed out as much was sold due to the time they came, pleases me that we get there early - only because i hate crowds. I missed Swansea Christmas Festival this weekend as we worried about getting back home with the snow falling heavy.

  5. Wow, what an amazing array of food. How lovely that you got to meet Sharon in person too, and I love that first jumper.

    1. Sharon was genuinely lovely and I already have a recipe bookmarked from her cookbook to make very soon. Yeah, that jumper is cute.


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