Friday, 15 May 2015

Vegan Vanilla - Coconut Creme Brulee with Coconut Sugar

This vegan Coconut Milk Creme Brulee was a bit of an experiment and it turned out pretty okay. 
I've made vegan Spiced Creme Brulee once before, but its been a long while and having been given a couple of cans of coconut milk recently by one of my sister in laws who was not that overly keen on its richness and wondered if I would use them.  Of course I would, I took them both.  
So vegan Coconut Creme Brulee was to appear on my table once again.  The experimental part was substituting the caster sugar with  my recently acquired Organic coconut sugar from Suma Wholefoods. It was all lovely and creamy white, but as soon as the coconut sugar began to dissolve with the heat, the creamy white coconut turned into a coffee caramel colour.  I got a tad nervous about its taste and if it would be bitter.   

I had nothing to worry about, it turned out lovely.  It was not sickly sweet, but the light coconut caramel sweetness was pleasing.  The creme brulee was unctuous, custardy, wobbly and thick.
However, I did have one little hiccup, but nothing that could not be resolved.  I did the sugary glassy topping originally with coconut sugar and it did not produce a hard glassy topping.  I then decided to do the other 2 with caster sugar and it was much better producing the glassy burnt caramelised topping that you break with the back of a spoon.  The only thing I do not possess a burner, so did it under my electric grill and anyone who has a electric grill knows..... its drawback.  So a blow torch is on the wish list.  

I also made some sweet cashew cream from scratch, when I was on my vegetarian culinary adventure a couple of years back, I often made cashews cream for my loyal customers to accompany vegan cakes.  Its a simple recipe that I have not shared on my blog, mainly because during that busy year I had little time to myself. so I share it with you now.  

Vegan Vanilla-Coconut with Coconut Sugar Creme Brulee
Makes 4 - 6 depending on the size of your ramekins
1 x 400ml coconut milk, at room temperature
2 tablespoons soy cream or home-made cashew cream (see recipe below)
100g coconut sugar (or caster sugar) from Suma Wholefoods
2 teaspoons vanilla paste from Suma Wholefoods
3 tablespoons cornflour
4-6 generous teaspoons caster sugar for caramelised brulee topping 
In a medium pan, heat the coconut milk, then stir in the cashew cream, sugar and vanilla paste.  Stirring all the time until well combined.
Then in a bowl, ladle out a scoop of the hot mixture and pour into a small bowl, along with the cornflour and whisk  until it turns into a paste.  Pour this into the coconut milk and stir continuously over a medium heat until it begins to thicken like custard, about 3 - 5 minutes.  
Remove from the heat and pour into prepared ramekins.
Allow to cool for 10 minutes before transferring to the fridge for an hour or overnight.

Sprinkle over the additional sugar, and then either use a blow torch (or put under a hot grill and burn the top until golden and caramelised.  
Transfer back to the fridge to set or until ready to serve.

Sweet Cashew Cream
100g Suma whole cashew nuts, soaked in cold water overnight
100ml cold water
1 - 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, maple syrup or agave syrup
Rinse the soaked cashew nuts well, then put into a blender (I used my Optimum 9400 Froothie Blender) with 100ml cold water and choice of sweetener and blitz until the cashews have blended into a creamy and smooth texture.  Add additional water, if you wish it to be a lot more lighter. 
Transfer to fridge until ready to use. 

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  1. I never made cashew cream as a sweet dessert cream but lovely the creaminess of cashews in the savoury sauces I make. I was never a creme brulee person but I would like to try a vegan version as sometimes I find the vegan version better and that crispy top is always appealing. (Am curious about what is the problem with electric grills - is it that they take forever to warm up? I worry with a gas grill that the grill will burn the serving dish more than the food I am trying to grill.

    1. Interesting as I have never made the savoury version :) I came to enjoy creme brulee in my adult years, but then its not that often.
      The problem with electric grills, yes they take ages,, I do think gas grill is better as speedier - it is meant to be a bit burnt on top, part of the charm of creme brulle toppings.

  2. I made your lovely coconut creme brûlées & they were superb, my friend!
    Fantastic is the word! :) MMMMMMMM!

    1. Thank you Sophie for the lovely compliment.

  3. Wow. That looks/sounds amazing.

    1. Thank you, Yes I was pretty chuffed with it too.

  4. Mmm I'm loving the sound of this! Intriguing, the use of cashews! Bet it tasted amazing!

    1. The coconut sugar was certainly less sweeter, making this for easy eating. You would never know there were nuts in this.

  5. I recently acquired a blow torch and it works brilliantly, although I guess it depends how much you are going to use it as to whether it's worth getting or not. I haven't, in all honesty, used mine much. Cashew nut cream has been on my list to make for a while. So wish we had your old cafe here in Liskeard.

    1. ah I must get one for sure Choclette, but truth is I don;t know how much I'd use it, but I've been given some Lakeland vouchers years back still not used and this may be the gift to get. Thank you for the kind words re the cafe, it is still a dream - just the location and the town I was in was well in decline and my little venture not being supported much there by the council either - I may give it another go in the future, but sadly don't think it will be in Liskeard .

  6. This is something I have been meaning to try myself but never got round to it. Thanks for your tips. It looks and sounds really delicious. I have a blow torch thingy, but I haven't replaced the fuel in ages. Must get round to that too!

    1. Thank you Kellie. Ooh you have to replace fuel in the blow torch, I did not know that, will have to give it thought if i will use it in the long run.


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