Monday, 25 May 2015

Mujaddara with Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Its been a long, productive and busy day in the garden.  I will up-date you with progress later in the week with photographs and a little herbal harvest, but today I am sharing a plate of food that a made a couple of months back.

I made this well known Arabic rice dish known as Mujaddara  when I was harvesting purple sprouting broccoli from the garden.  I enjoy eating rice and lentils.  One of my favourite dishes is the South Asian Chawal and Dal - basically rice and lentils, its a humble dish, but it is one that gives me comfort, and for me Mujarddara is similar.  
Although I had shallow fried some fresh  onions for the topping, I forgot to top the Mujaddara rice here (for the photography) with the crispy onions, only because I had replaced it with steamed PSB, adding fried onions does make a difference as it adds another texture as well as layer of flavour.    
I am not going to share the recipe for Mujaddara here, as there are loads of recipes on blogosphere and most vegetarian cookbooks have a recipe for Mujaddara - so go and flick through them and you will find. I am off to bed, its been a long busy day and I have work tomorrow. Bye bye long Bank Holiday weekend, time appreciated.  


  1. How funny. I just bought Deborah Madison's book The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone yesterday. I took it to bed as my nighttime reading and came across here recipe for Mujaddara. I had never heard of it before but t sounded so simple yet as you put it - comforting. Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday. We are enjoying our 3-day Memorial Day Holiday here too. Back to work and reality tomorrow. But ta least it will only be a 4 day work week!

    1. Oh how funny, made me smile to know I was right :)
      I have DM's cookbook. I actually bought it when I visited America in 2000, I think its been recently republished.
      I hope you have had a good break from work too, back to work tomorrow eh.


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