Sunday, 5 October 2014

Round Up Eat Your Greens #4 with Pasta Please

Welcome to Eat Your Greens Round Up  #4.    This is a monthly vegetarian cooking challenge for food bloggers.  
The  'Eat Your Greens'  challenge was launched a few months ago. The idea behind 'Eat Your Greens' is really simple, to make something with a green vegetable each month, but last month it was combined with Pasta Please.  
So here are this months fabulous pasta green eats ... 
The first recipe signals the end of summer but welcomes the Autumnal season with a  Cheesy Courgette Bake.  This recipe from Laura at I'd Rather Much Bake Than ... who writes 'This recipe is the perfect cross over from fresh summer produce to snuggly autumn cravings'.  I must say, I so agree.  I still have some golden courgettes, so this could be the recipe for me.
Someone else over-run with courgettes is Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary as she share with us her Courgette Spaghetti Alfredo from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.  Funnily enough her kids have renamed it 'Spaghetti a la yucky stuff', but don't go by their opinion, you know what kids are like - fussy. 
Next up we have Cheddar Cheese Pasta with Cabbage, Cauliflower and Fried Capers, this recipe comes from The Lawyers Cookbook.  I know cauliflower and cabbage are not to every ones taste and even more unusual when combined with pasta, but I've had this combo before (though not together), so can vouch for its being a thumbs up dish.  I am also really intrigued by the fried capers, so that is something I will be trying some time soon.
Linsy Patel from Home Cooked Food shares home-made Wholewheat Spinach Ravioli with Grilled Vegetable stuffing.  I am so envious at her handcrafted spinach pasta, it takes time and love to make these lovely green parcels. The Spinach Ravioli is then smothered in tomato sauce. Delicious.
One of my long term early blogger friends, Rachel Cotterill shares Creamy Asparagus Pasta. Asparaguss is my husbands favourite vegetable; and coriander is my favourite herb -  so this recipe is bookmarked for the future.  
Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe shares an awesome Spaghetti Pie.  Yes, Spaghetti in a Pie, in the pie you will also find spinach and courgettes - yes, courgettes - seem to be everywhere at the moment.
Laura from How to Cook Good Food shares Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable and Feta Lasagne - her list of ingredients which includes courgettes may seem long, but I do think - home made lasagne is the best and I could happily tuck into this one weekend.  The bechamel topping is also green made with spinach and salty feta - nice. 
Katie from Feeding Boys and a Firefighter also share a lasagne packed with lots of vegetables. 
This lasagne is made with soy mince, an ingredient that makes an appearance in my kitchen come Autumn and winter. 
My entry was Vegan Meatballs in a Coriander Sauce
And finally from Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes we have Two Minute Green Spaghetti. The sauce is made with lots of green vegetables: peas and spinach, herbs such as coriander and parsley and there is even avocado there too for creaminess. 

Thank you so much to every one who has participated in this months Eat Your Greens blogging challenge this month.  Please, please do go on over and check out each entry one by one and leave a comment. 

Also Please also feel free to share your recipes for October now.  Follow this link for the details.   For the new Pasta Please challenge which is being hosted by Rachel Cotterill follow this link for the theme and details how to participate. 


  1. lovely round up shaheen - makes me feel like pasta for dinner with lots of greens of course :-)

    1. Now its Autumn, pasta will feature on my menu lots.

  2. Nice round-up. I will be sharing something with you shortly for this month's challenge. :)

  3. Hi Shaheen,
    I wanted to add my link but I see no linky. This is my submission for this month:

    1. Sorry Janet, forgot the e mail address, the previous challenge had a linky as it came from Jac. I have to do it the old fashioned way. Thank you for you submission though, appreciate it.

    2. I am sincerely sorry Janet, I have included it in the October round up and will give it a extra tweet too, my mistake. Hope you accept my apologies.

  4. nice round up , you forgot to include my spinach ravioli in this.

    1. So sorry , genuine mistake. I have included it in the Round Up now and tweeted link to your blog too. Thank you.


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