Sunday, 25 May 2014

Vegan Savoury Croissants

D likes traditional croissants more than I do.  I can take them or leave them.

So what made me decide to go ahead and make a savoury version.  Well the truth is that I had some green  filling left over, and instead of lobbing it in the bin, I decided to slather some unbaked supermarket croissant dough with it.  Then baked them according to the packet instructions until puffed and golden.  
The savoury croissants were a hit with him, he requested that I make them again. I did.  
Only thing,  (I criticise myself too you know), I need more practice to master rolling the croissants into proper croissant shapes, so that they resemble those croissants you see piled high at French bakeries. 
But my excuse is that I covered the whole dough with the savoury filling and then rolled it up.  It was a fatty, making it more pigs in blanket, albeit a vegan version, than the elegant croissants that we are all used too.  Yes, I know not good enough excuse - yes Miss.  I will try harder next time round.  


  1. Not to worry about the shape, looks awesome and appetizing.That matters :):), sounds tasty too.

  2. Thank you Ms Chitchat. Been a while since I've heard from you, so good. Do hope your well.


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