Saturday, 10 May 2014

Caerphilly 'Just Like That'

The weather was predicted to be wet, windy and wild, yet that did not stop us from venturing out.  We decided to go into Caerphilly for the Caerphilly Food Festival.  I have to apologise in advance as I do not have many food related pictures.  Every time I would point the camera, the rain and wind would conspire against us, but that was nothing to what the stall holders had to endure.  It was quite horrid for them as the wind was really whacking, it was really strong with many stall holders holding onto the canopy sheltering their goods from every gust.  My heart went out to many of them, as they were looking really stressed.  

Despite being there early,  I somehow seemed to miss the food demonstration by The Great British Bake Off 2013 Winner Frances Quinn, but I did get a glimpse of her as she was busy talking to fans and signing autographs.  
Still, you'll be pleased to know that I did sample some lovely samples from the food festival, but don't have anything to show you - sorry. 
For those of you who follow my blog, know I like a bit of graffiti art, so I was excited to see this stunning  Green Goddess on the side of the building.  I wonder how many people look up?!  If you don't, it's so easy to miss.
I missed this 9 foot bronze statue of Tommy Cooper the last time I was in Caerphilly, silly really especially as its located opposite the castle, not this time though.   For those of you who may not be familiar with Tommy Cooper, he was born in Caerphilly and was a popular comedian and magician.  The statue was unveiled by Anthony Hopkins, another Welsh legend.
After walking through the High Street, we wandered around Caerphilly Castle.
Follow this link for photographs of Caerphilly Castle on a much nicer day. 


  1. Not much better weather here in Cornwall today. Really cold wet and windy.
    So tonight in front of the log burner. Perfect.

    1. Thank you Rosezeeta,
      Hope it turns cosy soon

  2. Had no idea Tommy Cooper was from Caerphilly! the green goddess graffiti is so beautiful; she reminds me of one of the Celtic goddesses. I also visited a castle (Kenilworth) this week, as one of 6 adults taking 60 9 and 10 year-olds (Year 5) round. Luckily the weather was lovely and there was lots of grass for them to run around after they'd finished exploring the ramparts and museum. I find castles fascinating- such a completely different way of life and a whole community would spring up in and around a castle. Went to Harlech Castle a couple of years ago, too. What a view from the top!

    1. I knew he was Welsh, but did not know he was from Caerphilly either, i was quite surprised. Lucky you to visit places with children :)
      I lived in Harlech, i loved it - the castle certainly has a view.

  3. I have a lot of sympathy for stall-holders in conditions like you describe. It must be a very hard way to earn a living!
    Did you buy any cheese?

    1. Thanks Mark, so true. No i did not buy any cheese, I think your thinking of the Big Cheese event, that has yet to come.


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