Thursday, 23 June 2011

Riverside Museum of Transport Part 2

continued.  To see previous post, see here.
Glasgow was famous for its Turkey Red cloth, though none of the materials originated there.  The dye and raw cotton came from warmer climates in the Middle East and the Americas. Scottish Manufacturers imported these materials.

In their factor they transformed them into bright, sttractice cloths.  They then loaded bundles of cloth onto ships and exported them to India and oter Asian countries.
 Launch of the Queen Mary in the pouring rain.  I've never seen so many umbrellas together.
The Tall Ship
Glasgow skies - Grey when we went in; and grey when we left.


  1. Great pics. Sounds like another place to put on my list. My daughter really enjoyed her recent visit to Glasgow.

  2. I love museums and can really spend the whole day examining the pieces and reading the history... Hope I get to visit this museum one day :)

  3. Thank you Jane.
    Hey if you find yourself in Glasgow in the next two months and I am not away (ie travelled South), it would be good to meet up just for a cuppa tea. If our paths do not cross, I just hope the weather is kind to you the next time your up this way. Glad to read your daughter enjoyed her time up here.

    Thank you FGF.
    Its not too everyones taste, esp. if your not into 'transport', but I still recommend it.


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