Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dormouse...Dormice in the garden

A few days ago, I think it was Wednesday we both took advantage of the sun shining. Good move, since then the rain here has been non-stop. To be fair its raining quite heavy in Wales where my parents are. I know this as I rang my mother earlier to see if anyone had been over to the allotment plot since I left. With no shelter at the allotment plot there, the rain has kept them all away all week.
Some creatures have literally taken this message 'Welcome to my garden' literally. As D was cutting the grass he noted some movement.  He slowly crept up to find: not one, not two, not three, not four - but 5 dormice.     Dormice are part of the rodent family and have characteristics similar to those of mice and squirrels.
We must have spent a good hour hovering over them, marvelling at their small cuteness.
Sadly a day or two later, whilst looking out of the flat window down at the freshly cut grass, cleared of weeds, buttercups and daisies, I did see a magpie sweep down and peck one of the dormice that was out of its comfort zone and exposed to the swift and sharp eyed.  I was completely overwhelmed as the magpie flew right past the window carrying the little defenceless dormouse in its beak.
Some progress photographs.  The potatoes are looking good.  I may dig a plant up later in the week.
The salad is doing well, so are the radishes that are ready for the picking.
You may remember this allium in full bloom.  Even though its lost its magenta colouring, I think it still looks rather attractive.
Blueberry progress
Some wild strawberries.
I also managed to get some laundry done.
This is another one of my Gardening and Growing themed tea towels.  This one shows the Gardening Calendar. I know its just a tea towel and its purpose is to dry dishes, but I actually think this particular tea towel would serve as a fantastic wall hanging. I got my tea towel from All Tea Towels. There are so many different themes and designs such as retro and nostalgia, seasons, flowers, and my favourite vegetables, garden and herbs.


  1. Things are going great! It is lovely to see that!
    Better than in my mini garden!

  2. Forgot to say; I just love the tea towel!

  3. The dormice are darling! I feel bad about the little guy who got carried off...poor little guy.

    Your garden looks marvelous!

  4. Gorgeous photos!! Love the wild strawberries :D

  5. My mother has a tea towel like that; they're really fun and pretty, aren't they? Thanks for the link to the site!
    The blueberries look great! When is harvest for them? Also - such cute dormice! I went for a walk today and saw a chipmunk which was also very sweet.

  6. Wow, you're so lucky to have dormice! They're so cute! We have field mice at the bottom of our garden that perform acrobatics to get to the peanuts in the bird feeders!

  7. Aww....poor little dormice!!

    Your garden looks lovely and healthy, I think a shed is an absolute must on an allotment, you'll have to sort this out once you move, at least then you can be there darting in and out between showers and at least get some potting up done on a wet day.

    We have ALL the same teat towels, I LOVE this company.

    Sue xx

  8. The dormice are very cute. It is a shame that the magpie got one of them.

    The potatoes and salad look great.

    Keep up the good work!


  9. Gosh your garden looks wonderful! I love buttercups. And the salad looks so healthy! The dormouse is so so cute, I haven't really seen one in person before.

  10. Your garden is lovely! And I've always loved dormice, having read so many stories about them (mostly by Enid Blyton) when I was little. They look so cute in your photos. I also like the stone in your first picture... and to have blueberries and strawberries right in your own garden! I can only imagine that. The tea towel is interesting. In fact, I really like this whole entry! (Yes, I am quite full of enthusiasm today, having woken up so early. It's 6.30 a.m. in Malaysia when I wrote this).

  11. The allotment is well and thriving - doormice and all! They're very small aren't they. We have little field mice - not too bad. It's rats that I can't stand.

    All the plants are looking so healthy. I love looking at blueberries at that stage (I have one bush which is getting too much shade - guess I'd better try moving it while its dormant).

    Your tea towel is pretty - definitely wall hanging material :D)

  12. Thank you spécialiste de l'éphémère.
    My garden is probably like yours - a mini garden :0) I appreciate it compared to what I had at my first flat which was a window box.

    So glad you like the tea towel. You should treat yourself to one!

    Thanks Rose.
    The dormice are really adorable, and like you I felt bad for the little one that got carried away, but you can't fight nature and its natural predators.

    Thank you Jess.
    I picked and eaten some of the wild strawberries. Sadly there is never enough for a tart, because they are so, so tiny :D

    Hi foodfeud,
    Glad you like my tea towel, maybe you will treat yourself or your mother to another one :)

    Some places down South are already selling them, but in Scotand I think they are a month away for harvesting.

    OMGoodness - a chipmunk, I've never seen one.

    Hi Sooz,
    The dormice are certainly cute. Ihaven't seen them today, as its been pouring water from the skies. I have been in the garden, harvested some salad leaves for our lunch!

    Ah your field mice remind me of those I had at the allotment that would steal my bean seeds.
    You right, they certainly are acrobatics. amazing to watch!

    Yes, I agree Sue.
    'poor little dormice'

    The garden is doign well. I kinds regret not putting in a couple of courgettes :(

    Yes, a shed is an absolute must on an allotment. We'll get one, just a matter of time.

    I know, I know I remember seeing the tea towels on your blog. I think we got them around the same time, I've just been a bit slow posting them.

  13. Thanks Martin.

    Thank you Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock.
    The salad is doing very well, I went out in the pouring rain and harvested soem for our lunch today. I hope you get to see a dormouse oneday, they are just the cute to look at with their big eyes. Also I wanted to say Thank you so much for choosing to become a follower. Its very kind of you. Thank you.

    Thanks Sumaiyyah Abidah.
    We took a number of photographs of the domrice, but I chose to share these. I am so pleased you liked them.

    I picked up the stone at a charity shop for about a £1 a few years ago. I'm so pleased you like it. The blueberries will be rewarding when I get to harvest them, but the strawberries, will only be a handful - still it will be nice to enjoy some that are home grown.

    Yes, you are enthusiastic today - a good thing and a great attitude to have first thing in the morning. I do hope you evening ends the same - on a high.

    Thanks Susan,
    I agree with you and like you its rats (and pigeons) that I can't stand. Our flat back on a rail track and we have seen rats now and again.

    Yes, I think it will be wise of you to move your blueberry plant while its dormant.
    I'm Pleased to read that you like me tea towel :D)

  14. Hi Shaheen,thankyou for leaving a comment over on my blog,lovely to meet you,your blog is great.I was reading about the poor little doormouse and can understand how upset you were.I had a similur thing happen but it was a blackbirds nest,it was so upsetting .I d watched mr & mrs blackbird build the nest for weeks in the hedgerow near my kitchen window and we have a lot of magpies around here and quite literally were storking the poor blackbirds,they won in the end and had the whole nest:( baby black feathers all over my lawn, so upsetting.juliexxx

  15. Thank you so much Julie for such a lovely comment. Thank you for sharing your experience with the blackbirds. It must have been much harder for you as you watched them making the nest and then seeing it destroyed with the little blackbirds). Its is heartbreaking, but sadly there is nothing we can do as nature is just following its course. I can now understand why some people dislike magpies. I used to find them amusing to watch, now its a different story. I also want to say Thank you so much for choosing to become a follower. It is very kind of you.

  16. that's sad about the dormouse and the magpie - I have never seen dormice!

    re the teatowel - I love yours and agree about using them as wallhangings - I have given a few teatowels as presents that get used as wallhangings (though maybe no coincidence that these were men who thought teatowels go best on the walls)

  17. Johanna,
    I agree - was really shocked and felt helpless to see the magpie fly by my flat window with the poor dormouse dangling from its claws. Sadly its been raining here in Scotland quite heavily so i've barely spent time out there this week to see the others.

    Its interesting to note that the menfolk that you've given the tea towels to, think that they are best on walls :0)


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