Saturday, 23 April 2011

Wild Garlic Crisps

I tried to make Wild Garlic Crisps a few days ago by deep frying them in hot oil, but they did not work so well, as they were popping in the oil and then when cooked they completely lost their flavour.  But you know what they say, if you don't succeed the first time, try again.  Well its not like I have a shortage of wild garlic around me, I have plenty to mess up with.  So in my effort to make wild garlic crisps I tried again. 

I remembered making some Curly Kale Crisps and thought I'd use the same method here: lightly coat or spray the tender wild garlic leaves with olive oil, and a little seasoning and bake them in the oven on the lowest heat setting.  Well it worked sort of. After a little cooling they were good to eat right away. 
Although good to eat right away, they were not good to store away for nibbles as the leaves wilted back to a soft green chewing gum.  This is when I so wish I had a food dehydrator - a gadget that has been on my 'wish list' for many years.  I do think I would not have encountered this problem had I made them in a food dehydrator, or maybe I am just saying that because I really want a food dehydrator.
Well this baking in the oven method is fine and certainly worth a try, if you are going to consume the Wild Garlic crisps when they come out of the oven, otherwise I probably wouldn't recommend it.


  1. Just how much Wild Garlic did you actually harvest??? (Or is there a patch of the stuff very close to your house...)

  2. OOoo! Wild food...I have been looking out for mushrooms. They should be popping up around here any day now.

  3. Wild garlic crisps... hmmm, would like to try tasting it to see if there is any difference between the wild and the 'normal' type...

  4. We, too, dream of having a food dehydrator... even just one to share between our two households! Oh, the things we could do...

    The wild garlic crisps *look* pretty, though! ;)

  5. I was fortunate enough to be given a food dehydrator by friends who weren't using theirs. We love it! Not only have we been able to preserve some of fall's bounty ("sun dried" tomatoes, dried parsley that is actually tasty) in a new way but we've also made things like our own spice blends.

    My husband did one that is a blend of several types of hot pepper, tomato, garlic, onion, parsley...who knows! It is so yummy and I love the convenience without the concern about the salt content. I have asked for a mild version for next year so I can use it more heavily!

    All that to say I think you'd find a food dehydrator a good investment. I'm being selfish though because I'm sure I'd benefit from your use of a dehydrator!!

  6. Hi

    Well - 'fraid the wild garlic focacia recipe didnt work out for me. Maybe I cooked it too long..maybe I used a different flour to you (ie mine is wholemeal organic stoneground)??

    Anyways...will keep trying things. Right now - better go and finish off seeing to that dried wild garlic (I DO have a dehydrator - so am having a go at that). Next experiment will be that wild garlic macaroni cheese.

    Hoping my wild garlic "patches" will spread and spread - I have 4 of them in different locations now. I was surprised to see just how well those few seeds did and I guess next year's patches will be bigger..All I did was scatter a few seeds round back in November and make sure they had a dusting of soil over them. Bit of an experiment - but for the sake of a few quid sending off over the Internet to a firm specialising in garlic seeds/bulbs for sale - the seeds done good! Discovered they like locations in shady places...and thats a fact I wasnt aware of before...but it doesnt have to be woodland!

    See you visited one of my blogs - glad you found useful info there for you. How's that for barter? I barter what I know and I get wild garlic recipes - sounds good to me.


  7. They look really good, I'm going to have to go on a wild garlic finding expedition!

  8. Wow, you sure do come up with some amazing recipes!


  9. Mark,
    I harvested a bag full which is all gone, but guess what?! Yes, I discovered an extensive wild garlic patch not that far from where I live. So I am making the most of it whilst in season.

    Thank you HAZEL.
    I'm okay around Wild weeds, but not mushrooms.
    I'd love to hang out with you to learn more about them.

    Thanks Lrong.
    There is a difference, these are much milder. Its the smell that is pungent, not the taste.

    Thank you Devouring the Seasons.
    I'd be happy to share one too, but for now I dream ...and like you wonder about all the things I could do...

  10. Oh RuckusButt,
    You are just making me jealous. But I am happy that you got to inherit one and make the most of it.

    I love the sound of your husbands spice blends.
    I agree with you re: knowing about the salt content.

    Keep your fingers crossed that someone hears my wish, a food deydrator has been on my wish list now for 5 years, but it will take a backseat as it looks like we will be moving home in the next few months, so lots of different expenses coming up :(

    Thank you so much for your kind comment, it really made me smile and boosted my heart beat too :)

  11. Ceridwen.

    I'm sorry to read your wild garlic focaccia recipe didnt work out. I did use bread flour, so that could have been it or maybe my instructions were not that clear, perhaps you should check out Laura's link.

    I hope your wild garlic works out good in the dehydrator (lucky you). If that fails, I am confident the wild garlic macaroni cheese will work.

    I have absolutley no doubt that you wild garlic "patches" will spread and spread. I have read that wild garlic is a rather invasive plant, so I guess its a good job you like it. I lifted a few bulbs last year and planted it in a damp spot in my garden and it took well, but its only a handful, hence the reason I am foraging. Your right it doesn't have to be woodland but that is one place many foragers will find it growing.

    Happy to barter x

  12. Thank you Sooz.
    Chances are the flowers are out where you are, still hopign you find some that are young and tender!

    thank you so much Rose.
    A girl has got to experiment now and again. glad you like.

  13. This sounds so good. I planted garlic for the first time last Fall. I will be interested to see if I get some scapes.

  14. Thank you Lori.
    I couldn't live without regular garlic in my kitchen. Hope you get some scapes.


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