Sunday, 18 January 2009

Winter harvest

I don't want you thinking that a little bit of rain would stop me from venturing to the allotment. So this is the first thing I did this morning while it was still dry. And I am so glad I did.
Look at my winter harvest.
Wow - leeks, kale, cabbage, sprouts, turnips, jerusalem artichokes and parsnips.
Winter roast vegetables for dinner - what do you think?
We dug up some fuseau jerusalem arichokes, pulled out some musselburgh leeks and tender and true parsnips. I also picked some more dwarf curly kale, brussel sprouts and a cabbage. Nestling in the cabbage plot I also found some bonus veg, that I completely forgot I had planted - purple top milan turnips.

We also took a wander over to Ds Plot 11. His plot is not looking so good. Other than being a permanent mud slide. His green house panes have come out, pots were all over the place and part of his fencing has come down. When the winds picks up, chances are the damage will become much worse. He will be lucky if that greenhouse makes it in one piece.
I am so glad we went to the allotment when we did, as by the afternoon it was snowing. But an hour or so later a rainbow came out. Ah Nature.

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