Sunday, 25 January 2009

Vegetarian Burns Supper

Presently, we are weekend allotmenteers. The ground is so sodden with rainwater that I don't have the motivation to do anything

I did pick up a few more parsnips and leeks. Other than the weeds of course, there was some sign of new plant growth, the shoots of my daffodil flowers are starting to emerge.

250th Anniversary of Robert Burns

Burns Suppers have been part of Scottish culture for about 200 years ago as a means of commemorating Robert Burns, Scotlands best loved bard.

The ritual of celebrating Burns Night was started by his close friends after his death in 1796 as a tribute to his memory. Traditionally the format for the evening begins when the chairman invites the company to stand and receive the haggis. A piper dressed in the full Scottish regalia then leads the chef carrying the haggis to the top table. The chairman then recites Burns famous poem To a Haggis with great showmanship. When he reaches the line ‘an cut you up wi’ ready slight’, he cuts open the haggis with a sharp knife. It is customary for the company to applaud the chairman, then stand and toast the haggis with a wee dram (glass) of whisky.

Well you might see this in an episode of Monach of the Glen or at the homes of well to do Scots, but I won’t be doing any of that. What I will do is have a Scottish dining experience in the honour of Rabbie Burns this Sunday.

A typical Burns Supper menu or Bill o’Fare would be

Cock-a-leekie soup
Haggis warm reeking, rich wi’ Champit Tatties
Bashed neeps
Typsy Laird (sherry trifle) or Oatcakes and cheese
A Tassie o’Coffee with a drop of whiskey

At my home, everything will have a vegetarian slant, so please come and join me for a Vegetarian Burns Supper later this evening.

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