Sunday, 1 September 2019

Eat Your Greens Challenge and some Recipe Inspiration from Sarah Beattie's Meat Free Any Day

Well hello September, I am off on holiday.  I will also be taking a blog break as well, but before I go, I wanted to leave you with Eat Your Greens challenge, as it's my turn to play host.  This will hopefully give you plenty of time to think about sharing a green recipe with us this month.  
If your new to the Eat Your Greens Challenge, then you'll be pleased to learn that it's really easy to join in.  All you have to do is make either a vegan or vegetarian recipe with green vegetables or fruit on your blog.  Then copy the blog link to the comment section below and we will share it at the end of the month in our monthly round up.  The deadline is the 29th September and the Round up will be on the 30th September 2019.  For more details on how to participate, please Follow this link  just please remember to link back to the host page (this page) and my co-host The VegHog.   Also if your looking for some seasonal inspiration, then please do check The Veg Hog round up from August

Before I go, I also have some green vegan and vegetarian recipe ideas for you as well.  Last month I made a few interesting dishes,  all courtesy of Sarah Beattie's cookbook MeatFree Any Day.  
I made Sarah Beatties Peixinhos da horta which translates as 'little fish from the kitchen garden'.  It was delicious.  The husband has asked me to make them again.  You can find the recipe both in her cookbook Meat Free Any Day and on Sarah Beatties Facebook page.    
Last month I found my turtle jelly glass mould. I wanted so much to use it, that i decided to make Sarah Beatties  Avocado Coriander Jelly,.  I did of course adapt it a little with courgettes to mimic the outer shell.  It was part effective, and part not so much.   
It was still impressive though, but it could have been elevated further had i served it on a bed of lettuce.  I served this Courgette Avocado Coriander Jelly with a good crusty bread.  I think if I was to make it again, I may just make individual portions. 

Finally, I also made her Green Bean Korma, again I made only minor change and this was to substitute some for the green beans with homegrown courgettes.  You can find this and the Avocado Coriander Jelly recipe in Sarah Beattie's cookbook Meat Free Any Day.
One of these good looking green dishes will be my contribution to the Eat Your Greens challenge, but I am hoping to have encouraged you to join in this month. 


  1. These dishes all look amazing, esp that turtle. I hope that some spring produce and lighter nights will encourage me to share some more dinner (EYG) meals but some extra time would be helpful too! Hope you have a lovely holiday.

    1. Thank you Johanna. I look forward to seeing what you will contribute to EYG and hope you will be able to join in.

  2. Here is my humble contribution for September:

    Have a nice weekend!


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