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vegan Korean Kimchi Jjigae Stew

For those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen me post this Kimchi Jjigae aka Kimchi Stew which I made last weekend, I have been to busy with Vegan Month of Food and work that I had not got round to sharing it on my blog, so here it it now.  

This  Kimchi Jjigae is not authentic by any means, but these days on blogosphere and cookbooks do you see many authentic recipes, everyone has their twist on Shepherds Pie to Bread Pudding, even the fillings of traditional British Christmas mince pies are given a makeover. This is not so much as a twist, more of an adaptation to make it suitable my vegetarian diet and in an effort to make it vegetarian, it is also  accidentally vegan.  
The photograph is not the best as it is tinged with poor lighting issues,  The evening s are getting darker and I live in the Welsh valleys between two hills, so the darkness impacts on my photographs even more so come Autumn and Winter.   Anyway, I wanted to find ways of using my homemade vegan Kimchi that I made a couple of months back.  It was my first attempt at making Kimchi at home, and although not perfect, I was pleased with myself.  I hope to make another batch soon and hopefully it will be a lot more redder in colour.

Kimchi like any fermented food is an acquired taste.  I quite like it, but it is not to every ones taste like sweets from the Indian subcontinent or pickles steeped in mustard oil. This includes my husband.  
D was not keen on either the Kimchi or the Kimchi Stew, but I was not surprised at that.  The first time we had Kimchi at home was back in 2011 and I made a Bibimpab.  He did not particularly enjoy the Bibimbap then and nor the Kimchi Jjigae this time round either, but ate it nonetheless.  

However, I enjoyed it, but if I am totally honest I think the sauce lacked body.  I think this was partly to do with my homemade vegan version of the Kimchi; and my adaptation of the Kimchi Jjigae recipe.  My version required something to thicken it up .  The original recipe has anchovies, and pork, that perhaps give it a depth.  The spices were just right.   I served the Kimchi Jjigae simply with plain white rice.   I am sharing this with  I am sharing this  Cook Blog Share co-hosted between Easy Peasy Foodie and  Hijacked By Twins and with Healthy Vegan Fridays hosted by Rock My Vegan Socks and V Nutrition.

Vegan Kimchi Jjigae Stew
Serves 4
400g kimchi , if chunky roughly chop
1 pint vegetable stock
2 tablespoons sesame oil
4 large spring onions, sliced (keep some of the green part back for topping/garnish
100g white radish aka daikon or small radishes, sliced

Salt to taste
1 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoons of gochugaru (Korean hot chilli pepper flakes)
1 tablespoon gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste)
Optional: 2 g sea vegetables, rehydrated

1 x packet of tofu, sliced into bite size pieces
Place the chopped spring onions, radish, kimchi including some of its brine in a pot, soil and stock, then cook on medium high heat for 10 minutes, 
Then stir in the spices, sea vegetables and seasoning before carefully laying over the tofu on top.
Then cook for further 10 - 15 minutes. 
Remove from the heat and serve immediately with plain white rice.
Adapted from Maangchi and Kimchi Chronicles and Beyond Kimchi.


  1. I sympathise with the challenges of photography now the days are so short. However, your photos capture what a great meal this is. I'm sorry the depth of flavours didn't seem quite right but it sounds like a great veggie twist on the original.

  2. Thanks Kari.
    I think my food blogging will slow down the next few months because of the poor lighting, some of the food is terribly captured because of the poor lighting. Thanks, the kimchi itself is versatile, i've also had it as a Kimcheese Toastie.

  3. Like the sound of this - something different to what I usually eat.

    1. Thanks Mandy. I am making the most of my homemade Kimchi, more recipes to come - so pleased you like the sound of this, it def is very different.

  4. This looks lovely. I have yet to try Kimchi, but I keep hearing good things about it, so I really must! I sympathise too with the poor lighting the summer I can make things I want to photograph and then eat them for dinner, but in the winter I have to make the things I want to photograph for lunch. It means I end up eating some very odd things for lunch - hubby loves it though as I usually pack him off to work with the leftovers the next day. Tomorrow he has tacos to take to work! I think he will have some very jealous colleagues :-) Thanks for linking up to #CookBlogShare! Eb x

    1. Thank you Eb. Kimchi is an acquired taste, my husband is not a fan but will eat it. You may or may not like it, so its worth trying at least. Its always interesting to read that other bloggers have similar problems with food photography, so many PR bloggers have rooms set up with good lighting, but i am a down to earth blogger.
      Tacos fro work sounds most excellent, yes i would be jealous too.

  5. "it is also accidentally vegan."
    I personally love when this happens ;)
    I think the pictures actually turned out nicely. We are our own worst critics of course.
    So to be honest, I'm not a kimchi fan. I keep retrying it in hopes I will like it, but it hasn't worked out for me. I want to like it as I know it's super healthy and good for the digestive system. That being said, I think I may actually be able to handle it ok in a dish like this, instead of on it's own or even as a side to something. The whole dish is rather different than something I would normally like, so I look forward to breaking free of my comfort zone ;)
    Thank you so much for sharing at Healthy Vegan Fridays. I'm pinning & sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Kimmy for your comment, always really appreciated. My husband is not a Kimchi fan, but i have laso made some sausages with it made from vital wheat gluten which he did not mind, i guess the kimchi is disguised a little. I hope you try this recipe, but I have a feeling it may still not convert you - i think kimchi is one of those things like Marmite in the UK you either love or dislike.


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