Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Homemade Preserves, Jams and Chutneys for Christmas Gifts

Once upon a time, I used to snug my nose  if someone gave me a pot of homemade jam.  I don't know where that snobbery came from, certainly not from my parents.  I think it was partly to do with peer pressure and the rise of supermarkets and consumerism.  I also took for granted the domestic goddess that was my mother snubbing homemade stuff for brand names that became the desirables, but then something happened in my mid 20s.  It made me think, I mean seriously think and re-evaluate what was important to me and since I have always preferred homemade.  This was further enhanced by my own vegetable growing antics at the allotment.  Also I now try my utmost to support indie craft stallholders and snatch the opportunity when I am offered a jar of homemade jar of jam; homemade anything in fact gets me excited - Yes I am easily pleased these days.  

Unlike previous years, I've not been the most organised this year with foodie gifts for family and friends.  Saying that though,  a little while back I did make some Beetroot Chutney and some Plum Jam and Plum Chutney; and a new work colleague friend from Slovakia has given me some homemade Dandelion Honey that happens to be accidentally vegan.  But I have decided to show off some of my favourite preserves, jams and chutneys that I have made over the years.  
Popular Rose Petal and Rhubarb Butter.  I also have Hibiscus and Rhubarb Butter.  The colour is utterly gorgeous.
Seasonal Golden Pumpkin Rum Butter
Carrot Halwa Butter
My famous Slow Cooked Apple Butter (2010) thanks to my Scottish neighbour Nessie (RIP) 
Honeydew Melon and Chilli Jelly Jam Spread
Apple Chilli Jelly

Time to start foraging for those rosehips.  Here is another very popular recipe on my blog Rosehip Jelly.

I made these jars of Pickled Nasturtium Seed Pods this year, they are very similar to capers. 
Will you believe me if It ell you that i still have some green tomatoes in my greenhouse - I do and I plan to make some Green Tomato Chutney with it.
Another one that was very popular with D's friends when they came over to visit us from America many years ago.  D's friend absolutely loved this Fiery Scotch Bonnet  Apple Chutney.
And something that I have been making on and off since discovering the magic of chia seeds - Chia Seed Jam.  I've made Chia jam with every berry fruit you can imagine.  This blog post is part of Vegan Month of Food: The Theme is Holidays.


  1. My family always gifts chutneys and jams at Christmas. This year I have a big jar of Picallili to eat!

    Yours all look so beautiful! I've only ever made jam once or twice but homemade is always best!

    1. Thank you so much Emma. I do like homemade picallili, its been a while since i made some, maybe next year now.

  2. Oooh, that rose petal and rhubarb one sounds amazing!

  3. They all look amazing. I agree with you, homemade is so much better than shop-bought.

  4. I love home-made foodie gifts - receiving and giving! But like you I have been very badly organised this year and now fear I have run out of time.... I have so much else going on that I think this year people will have to be disappointed with the usual offerings xx

    1. Thanks Kate. Still time to make something, but the thing is time...with everything else going on - i understand.


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