Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Borough of Lydd Dungerness, Romney Marsh Kent

The next place we visited and stayed overnight at was Dungeness in the Borough of Lydd.  
Dungeness is on the south coast of Kent, England.  It is well known for have a large shingle beach and is reputed to be 'Britain's only desert'.  Please don't ask what made us go to Dungeness, perhaps its the otherworldly nature of the place, the haunting atmosphere that surrounds the wind battered wooden dwellings and abandoned fishing boats; or simply it was just somewhere different for us both as neither of us are sun bathers.  
Some people would describe Dungerness grey, bleak and perhaps even depressing, maybe because of the 1950s nuclear station, but you have to turn your back on that and admire the place for what it is.  Its a place for bird watchers or twitchers as they are known, as Dungerness has the oldest RSPB nature reserve .  
The Royal 'We' both liked Dungerness and cannot wait to return, maybe even next year. We found Dungerness quite remarkable and unlike anything else we have ever seen.  It was so unreal that I would describe it as a set of a post apocalyptic movie.  Here are some photographs from our September holiday against the magnificent backdrop of huge skies.

Sea Kale amongst the shingles 

Dungeness is both eerie and stunning at the same time. 
Whilst I was doing a bit of research for our short break in the U.K, I noted that Dungerness was quite popular with filmmakers and artist.  It has appeared in a number of music videos such as The Prodigy, Turin Brakes, The Thrills and even in the film Time Bandits (1981). 

We spotted some young bohemian crowd filming what looked like to be some drunken lad lost in a dessert, but I was more excited to learn that a short independent film called Afro Punk Girl' had partly been filmed there.  
Afro Punk Girl is a sci-fi short film about a dystopian Britain where everyone is trying to escape the 'new world'. But this Independent film has not been completed yet and the makers have turned to us for support they need to raise £5,500 and I am doing my little part, as well as sharing the project link with my readers to see if you can help reach their target.  See here.  
Okay a few more photographs from Dungerness.

The Old Lighthouse.  Later that afternoon, we heard a constant loud noise, we were told by our host at The Watch Tower that this was coming from the lighthouse to warm people about the fog and visibility.  
The only bit that was disappointing about our evening (as well as the meal at a local pub) was the skies.  The skies were so grey and overcast that at night we were not able to see the starry starry sky, but I am happy in the knowledge that I will return again some day.  

I have more photographs to share, but will do so tomorrow in Part Two of our Dungerness trip. 
Here is a link to a local blog if you want to know more about Dungeness


  1. Wow those are stunning bleak photos - while it was a shame you didn't get sunshine, the grey sky really completes the mood

    1. Thanks Johanna, mostly D's pictures - some are mine/ Its a shame about the sunshine, but hopefully we will go back again.

  2. I love Dungeness..... It's not far from where I live...... There is something very beautiful about its remoteness and emptiness. If you go there on a windy day, you nearly get blown away, but it is always fun to get there by the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway..... So pleased you found it! x

    1. Thanks Kate, ah you know it. So true something rather beautiful about it. We hope to go again when there is more colour and hopefully the skies are clearer


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