Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Miso Bowl with Sea Vegetables, Asparagus, Edamame and Soya Beans

I put my hands up and confess this is just Miso soup dressed up with lots of stunning greens.
The first time I ever had miso soup was at the same place I had veggie sushi in Glasgow on Byres Road.  It was Glasgow's first authentic Japanese Sushi restaurant, sadly it only lasted a year.  When it first opened D and me would go there for a treat or take friends there when they came up to visit either of us. There were not many places we ate out at and at the time there were not that many vegetarian and vegan places to eat out in the evening either.  The beauty of this Sushi place whose name escapes me, it was the mid 1990s then of course, it offered up vegetarian options that accidentally happened to be vegan too, not that I am vegan.
We would always begin with a very light Miso soup.  It always had soft tofu, wakame and spring onions in it.
Well I have had a few of those miso sachets here you just add water and drink but fancied making some at home from scratch with my jar of miso paste, then I got carried away and started throwing in greens from the fridge and freezer as I realised we had more of an appetite.
I've been wanting to use this bowl with a fish head on the inside and tail on the outside for a long time.  Its quite deep and I had not reason to use it before,  I was even contemplating just filling it up with some pot pourri just to make the most of it.  But making this big bowl of miso with greens gave me the opportunity to bring it out of the cupboards.  Then when I went to wash it, I knocked a bit of the tail, how blinking typical.  D glued it back for me, but I am disappointed in myself as I am not the one with the butter fingers in our home.  

I am sharing this with Eat Your Greens with is co-hosted by myself and The Veghog who is this months host.
Miso Soup with plenty of Greens. 
Serves 4
Optional: 5g sea vegetables, re hydrated in water

600ml water
2 tablespoons Clearspring Genmai miso aka brown rice miso paste
1 tablespoon Tamari or soy sauce
160g asparagus spears (sea asparagus or samphire), sliced in three pieces
120g edamame beans, soy beans, broad beans and peas (or mixture of all)
Pinch of salt to taste
Optional: Chipped Spring onions and fresh coriander, minced to serve
In a pan, boil the water.  When it begins to boil, stir in the miso paste that has been diluted to a thick paste.
Stir in the soy sauce, and asparagus and simmer for a couple of minutes.
Stir in the beans and simmer for two minutes along with the sea vegetables that have been drained and salt to taste.  
Turn of the heat , then ladle between 4 bowls, garnish with optional sliced spring onions and coriander if using.
Serve immediately. 


  1. What a lovely bowl of soup and how fun is that fish - lovely that D glued it back for you - I love miso soup and vaguely remember when sushi started to appear everywhere - far more than miso soup which is a shame

    1. Thanks Johanna, It made for a nice change. I have to use up my jar of miso, so expect other recipes soon. Your right about sushi being more popular then miso - I am aware that some miso have the addition of dashi - which are bonito fish flakes, so perhaps this is a reason in the veggie sphere.

  2. Miso is a big favourite here at the minute, so simple yet satisfying.

  3. That looks better than what I had for dinner...I have a question for you: What is the best way to make a carrot-potato mash? I combined a small bag of steamed baby carrots and three small red potatoes with some fat free half and half, salt, pepper and a bit of spread made with flaxseed oil. I was hoping for mash, but the consistency is more like a thick cream soup. I used the blender and pureed everything. What should I do differently?

    1. Thanks e.
      I don't often combine two veg in mash (as I am not keen on mash), but perhaps you need to mash them separate and then mix them up.

  4. It looks beautifully simple as well as being really tasty and a lovely healthy choice. I do like the bowl too!

    1. Thank you Corina . I am pleased I can finally use the bowl for a dish!

  5. I love miso soup and this sounds fabulous with al those greens. Such a shame that restaurant only lasted a year - I love Japanese food. #CookBlogShare

  6. What a lovely bowl of goodness and flavour! Thank you for sharing with #CookBlogShare x

  7. I've been a bog fan of miso soup since my early days as a devotee of macrobiotics! You can't miss with these yummy ingredients. I am so delighted that you shared your healthy and delicious Miso Bowl with Sea Vegetables, Asparagus, Edamame and Soya Beans
    recipe at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I'm Pinning and sharing this!

  8. Miso soup is something I've heard lots about but still have yet to try. This looks delicious. Thanks for linking with #CookBlogShare

  9. Must admit I never made miso soup from scratch. Now that I read this I may try. Congratulations on being featured at the HHGN Blog Party Hop (I'll pin it to my plant based recipe borad). Warm regards, Nancy A.

    1. Your should try Nancy, not sure how authentic mine is, but i loved it. Thank you so so much for the comment, really appreciated.

  10. Ah!! Your bowl is SO CUTE!!! I like the idea of putting asparagus in the soup. And edamame! Yum =)


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