Thursday, 26 May 2016


Here is a short visual post of our day in Padstow.  

Do Not Feed the Seagulls - Keep Food Well Shielded, the last time I saw such a sign was somewhere in Scotland, I think it was Nairn.

No Crabbing

Walked past the famous seafood chef Rick Stein's Cafe.
Opposite the cafe there was a little place raising funds for cats.  Outside the door was some secondhand book, mugs and some painted slates.   I went through them slowly and took a fancy to this one.  I loved the simplicity and quirkyness of this donkey and robin and donated £2.50 to the honest box. I miss my Moggy still, so it has a warm place on our windowsill in the living room. 


  1. I love that cat charity house, I think I bought a painted seashell when I was there.

  2. Thank you Homebird, do you remember the name of it?. I'd like to link to it by name. Thanks


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