Friday, 1 January 2016

Heart Shaped Vegan Cheesecake for the New Year

Happy New Year.  Let us welcome 2016 with optimism, hope and kindness. 
I want to say a heartfelt Thank you to my loyal readers.  I honestly do appreciate you for supporting and reading my blog and commenting when you can.  And as a Thank you I share with you this Heart Shaped Vegan Cheesecake - albeit virtually. 
Many of you will know that I am a vegetarian; and what I cook and eat at home is mostly vegan, it is with this in mind that I have signed up to participate in Veganuary for a third year Veganuary is a campaign in association with Viva! that is encouraging people to pledge and try vegan food for every meal this January.  

Therefore, I would also like to share 7 recipes from 2015 that may inspire your menu for  Veganuary 2016, even if your doing not participating inVeganuary - perhaps try Meat Free Monday or Vegan Tuesday, its an interesting way of trying new recipes and becoming acquainted to new ingredients. 
Three Seed Coconut 'Facon' Bacon Nibbles
Cornmeal Baked Okra 
Sarah Beattie's Vegan Tamarind Parsnip Curry
Chocolate Beetroot Black Bean Chilli
Vanilla Coconut Creme Brulee
 Violet Chocolate Cheesecake
And finally this Heart Shaped Vegan Cheesecake. The recipe comes from Kerstin Rodgers cookbook V is for Vegan  (one of my favourite cookbooks of 2015.  If you want the recipe follow this link

Once again Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year, Shaheen!!! Everything looks soooo yummy especially that cheesecake!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  2. Happy New Year to You and D and your families!

  3. Happy New Year Shaheen! Let's hope it a great one! Your post has made me hungry so time for dinner :o)

  4. Happy new year, and happy blogoversary too. Glad to hear there'll be more vegan goodies to drool over this month - I'm feeling greatly in need of cornmeal baked okra right now.

    1. Thank you Joey,
      The corneal baked okra was delightful. I made vegan buttermilk with lemon and soy milk and followed the recipe from the cookbook.

  5. All very tasty Yummy recipes & I need to make that fantastic looking cheesecake too!

  6. Happy New Year! What a lovely selection of recipes!


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