Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Irish Vegan Menu for St Patricks Day

I know St Patrick's Day has passed us by now, but I am posting this for future inspiration. 

For starter Irish-Indian Spiked Milligan Soup. In memory of the world premier Irish-Indian, a root vegetable soup spiked with curried spices.
Served with home-made granary croutons in the shape of shamrocks 
The main St Paddy's Shepherds Pie was plated up like an Irish flag , not that dissimilar from my Irish Vegetarian Plate see this link
To the left green sauteed cabbage, in the centre the white mash cottage pie in the centre, to the right orange Chantenay carrots. Oh I did make some shamrock centre with parsley, but upon the baking in the oven, it kinda got lost a little.
Unlike my Welsh Red Dragon Burgers which are made from sweet potatoes, red hot chilli flakes and minced jalapenos, the 'Maggie May' Burger was one of my plainer versions packed with the orange glow of carrots, sliced french green beans and potato chunks, so you may want to have a dash of mustard to heat it up. 
For cake there was Orange Carrot Cake and Father Teds Chocolate Mint Cakes topped with shamrock, both suitable for those following a vegan diet.

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