Tuesday, 29 May 2012

ABC of A2K

A couple of weeks ago, Choclette asked fellow bloggers to volunteer and join her in writing down '26 words that are meaningful to them'. Other than shopping lists, I don't do lists or tags, but this one for some reason called out to me and I volunteered.  I have to admit though, I did struggle a little.

AAllotment2Kitchen – the name of my blog and why I am in blogosphere.
B - Blogging and Blogosphere, and how I have come to 'meet YOU, my readers'.
C –Coriander and Cumin my favourite herb and spice
D – the initial of my first ever boyfriend, eventually the man I married.
E - Excited about my new upcoming venture.
F – Family and friends.  I come from a small family and have a small circle of friends.
G - Growing our own food; or at least trying too.
H – Harlech, North Wales.  One of the worlds most beautiful beaches and the place I felt the most free.

Harlech Beach 1996
I - Indian Sub-continent - roots of my ethnic heritage.
J - Jackie and Jane, two good friends that I have lost touch with over the years.  I will forever be Thankful to them for encouraging and supporting me on the path of independence.  I am a stronger person today because of their faith and belief in me. 
K - Kitchen
L – Leah – my best friend who lives in America and whom I miss so dearly.!
M - Mangocheeks was my pseudonym.

N - Nephews and nieces, I have 3 nieces and 6 nephews. and November - the month I was born.
O -Ordinary
P – Pet.  I am still wishing for a pet dog, maybe one of these days we'll actually adopt one...
Q - Qualm, a word I use often.
R -  Regrets 

S –Shaheen, my name - it's unisex and means eagle or falcon. 
T -Troubled Water - a song a friend of mine would sing to me to make me feel better when I was really down. It reminds me of her whenever I hear it.
U – University, I am the first person from my family to go to Uni.
V – Vegetables – how I have come to appreciate and cook them creatively.
W - Wales, where I was born, raised and have recently returned to.
X - xxx Simply kisses
Y - YOU, my readers - past and present - to whom I am thankful for the success of my blog
Z - Zindigi - Urdu and Hindi word for 'life'. 

Feel free to join in if you so wish.  Let me know if you do so, and I will link up to your ABC page.


  1. Lovely to read your ABC, I especially like Zindigi.

  2. how fun! i love things like this! and what a cook word for "life!" THanks for sharing!

  3. Just read about your new venture - good luck!

  4. Loved reading that :-) I married my first every boyfriend too :-)

  5. I have done this too, I quite enjoyed it though was stumped a bit on some of the simpler letters. Nice to learn more about you and your background etc. Thanks!

  6. I am glad you decided to do this - I loved reading and finding some little snippets of new information about you - and admiring how you dealt with some tricky letters. I am surprised at how many nieces and nephews you have. Does this mean you come from a large family or you have siblings with large families?

    1. Thanks Johanna,
      I have two brothers who have seven kids between them, and the additonal two of my nephews (one of whom I absolutely adore) are adopted/fostered by my parents. Long story.

  7. Very interesting, I may be tempted to give it a go!!

    I love that your name means falcon or eagle, I think of them as birds that soar high above us in the skies and sit waiting patiently on treetops. You soar high in your ideas and patiently wait for the right time to carry them out - so apt!!

    Sue xx

  8. Oh I really liked this! Its a creative way to get you thinking about yourself. :) I love that you are from wales... I was blessed to visit Wales for a week years ago when I visited the UK in highschool (i wont tell you how long ago that was haha). I pray Ill get to visit again someday.

    thanks for the nice note on my blog about wanted to tell you that it was your bean recipe that made me buy my first bag of dried white kidney beans yesterday. :) thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much Old Fashioned Housewife. I'll be using lots mroe dired beans in the future too.

  9. Oh these are all such wonderful things! What a lovely list.

  10. I love your list, Shaheen! It's nice to know what goes on in your mind (and life, hehe). I've missed quite a lot of your posts... am off to look at them now!

    1. Its so good to hear from you Sumaiyyah. I've been a bad blog reader recently too, lots happening in my life at the moment, slow though....I know when it happens it will be quick quick quick. Hope your well x

  11. This is a lovely post! Good luck with your veggie venture :-)

    1. Thank you so much Col.
      I get the keys next Friday - whoppeeee!!!!

  12. This is great!!! I shall do my list and let you know! :)

    1. Thanks Crispy, no problem t all - will def. link up. By the way, since you have started using new blogger format, I struggle to leave comments on your site, which is a shame. Hope your well x


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