Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Black and White Wednesday

Can you guess what these are?!

These ceramic heart shaped moulds are known as 'Coeur à la crème'  translated heart with cream in French.  They are often used in France or upmarket eateries to make a cream cheese dessert of the same name.  If you look closer, you will see tiny holes in the bottom, these allow excess liquid to drain away from the cream cheese. 

Once a month, when I got paid, I would often treat myself to a little gift.  Unlike some of my work colleagues: male and female, I would not indulge in shoes, a fancy dress or hunk of jewellery.   For me it was always some sort of kitchenalia (later it became cookbooks: old and new).  One of the first specialist kitchenalia's to enter my home were two of these heart shaped moulds that I purchased on-line for a fancy romantic meal.  The other three (slightly larger) were found at a charity shop for a mere £1.75.  I think they were so cheap because no one there knew exactly what they were.  Of course, I did and snatched them from the shelf as soon as I saw them.  I was so excited at my find.  I have plans in the future to make some cheese: not just the savoury kind, but the sweet fruit cheese too.  
This is my first entry for Susan's - Black & White Wednesday.  This is relatively new weekly blog event set up by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook.  Here she encourages us all to appreciate black and white photographs once more, albeit through culinary means.  I think this appreciation also needs to be extended to black and white movies, but that's another bog entry. 

I also want to say a big Thank you to all of you who responded to my last blog post requesting advice regarding comments. Thank you especially to Liz of Surburban Tomato (see below).  It appears for now that the issue has been resolved, but just in case - I will be keeping an eye on my blog the next few days.

Liz said...
Hi Shaheen, I had exactly this problem. I also comment on Marks blog and had the problem with his amongst others. I resolved the problem (after much googling) by enabling 3rd party cookies on my computer. I have admit being fairly IT illiterate so I don't know if 3rd party cookies are bad but it did resolve the problem, and I haven't noticed anything bad happening this end...yet.


  1. Beautiful photograph! It's like a five-leaf clover, hehe! And I'm glad you could solve your comment problem.

  2. Lela,
    I agree - like a five leaf clover :)
    Is that lucky - I think four leaf it lucky.

  3. Yeah, four-leaf is lucky, but I don't know about the five-leaf one. :)

  4. Glad to hear that the Comments problem is resolved! Back to the real stuff now - I mean food, and recipes! :)

  5. How lucky you were to find the other three in a charity shop at that price! I've seen this deserts made on a Television cooking show (large heart shaped dish) and thought it would be a really lovely treat, but I haven't seen the ceramic dishes locally. I seem to remember the chef lined the dish with kitchen gauze was a sweet desert with a red coulis served with it. Oh now I'm making myself hungry again! Your blog always does that to me ;-)

  6. Thanks Lela.
    Well I hope I find a four leaf clover as the past two years have not been good for me :( I need a change of fortune.

    Thanks Mark.
    I hope so.
    Tomorrow I will be sharing an old-fashion, yet thrifty recipe making the most of seasonal ingredients. You may just find yourself snugging your nose when you see it, then again you may like it. I will have to wait and see your reaction.

    Thank you so much Gardeningbren.
    Yes, I was lucky to have found them at such a fab. price. I don't think they had even been used. Yes, they are usually lined with a bit of muslin cloth too.

    Your comemnt made me smile. I haven't even posted a recipe and my blog entry hs made you a tad hungry :)

  7. Hello! I didn´t knew those lovely moulds neider the dessert, so nice and romantic!

    PS: I recive your comments, thank you so much


  8. Shaheen,

    Is there a cookery book of which you are aware that emphasises cooking for no more than two people? I dislike cooking large batches and not being able to eat them or give them away before things go bad.

  9. Those moulds are gorgeous :) Glad someone tech-savvy could assist with the commenting!

  10. I agree with Lela- a five-leaf clover! Wouldn't having an extra leaf raise your level of... uhm, luck? Hehe.

    And I hope things turn out better for you. I read somewhere once, that during times when you feel downhearted, think of the things that you do have, instead of what you don't have. Hope that cheers you up!

  11. Thanks you Verónica.
    I'm glad the comments are coming up now.

    Hi e,
    I'm not aware of many books for 2, saying that I did see one abotu a year ago - A Vegetarian Cook Book for Newly Weds, but that's not what you are looking for. The only advice I can give you is to half the recipes, that is what I tend to do some-days, other times I cook for 4 - 6 and eat over the week/sometiems its possible to freeze. I'm sorry I can't be of much help here.

  12. Thanks Kari.
    :) Yes, I am pleased that I am able to comment once again on blog (thanks to Liz)

    Thanks Sumaiyyah.
    I do appreciated your kind words and honestly we have been thinking of good things to remain otimistic, like moving from Scotland soon, being closer to family, exploring new places, finding a job - but things are conspiring against us and these things are not happening fast and my savings are dwindling fast. The weather here has been dreadful so we can't even go out much to the park for a walk, so the frustrations sometimes seep onto my blog. I try to keep such things apart from my blog, but sometimes its not easy as it impacts on my mood. Thanks though for cheering me up a little!

  13. I love my pair of Coeur à la crème, but mine didn't cost anything as reasonably close to £1.75.
    Yet they are so very pretty. Your photo shows them to great advantage on the dark background. Thank you, Shaheen, for your fine BWW photo.

  14. Thank you Susan.
    I'm so disorganised so am unable to participate this weekBWW. Hopefully i will get round to particpating next week. Thanks for hosting.


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