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vegan Halloween Orange Lentil Pasta with Red Devil Pumpkin Sauce

This vegan Halloween Orange Lentil Pasta with Red Devil Pumpkin Sauce was made a few days ago, when surprisingly I had some energy in me when I got home from work to cook.
I had baked the fresh pumpkin in the oven the evening before, so all I had to do was scoop out the slushy orangy pulp for the Red Devil Pumpkin Sauce; and cook a packet of Profusion Red lentil Fussili pasta that's been in my kitchen cupboards for a few months from Suma Wholefoods.  Every time I laid eyes on it, I knew it was destined for a Halloween Pasta Bake.
I served the Orange Lentil Pasta smothered in Red Devil Pumpkin Sauce and served it with homemade vegan Chorizo sausages which are laid out here coming out of the ceramic pumpkins mouth like puke, but that is optional.  
Even though presented it looks quite impressive for a Halloween dinner table, I have to admit, I was not overly keen on it.  Perhaps it was the powdery nature of the pasta that also lost its vibrant orange colour upon cooking;  or perhaps the pumpkin sauce itself which lacked body - I probably needed a better pumpkin that had more depth and flavour.  I may have sadly picked one up grown mostly for carving than for eating...oh well. 
Nonetheless, I think children will like this nonetheless, even moreso if you throw a handful of grated cheese over it, but that is up to you.   Oh and if your kids are not  up for chilli flakes and or chilli sauce, you can make this child friendly simply by omitting the chilli flakes all together from the Red Devil Pumpkin Sauce. 
The red lentil fusilli pasta from Pro fusion is gluten free, but the vegan chorizo sausages are not as they are made with vital wheat gluten.   I am sharing this Halloween Orange Lentil Pasta with Red Devil Pumpkin Sauce with Healthy Vegan Fridays hosted by Rock My Vegan Socks and V Nutrition; and Weekend Cooking hosted by Beth Fish Reads.
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Halloween Orange Lentil Pasta with Red Devil Pumpkin Sauce 
Serves 4 - 6
For the vegan Halloween Orange Lentil Pasta
1 x 300g Red Lentil Fussili Pasta from Suma Wholefoods
Cook pasta according to packet instructions, then drain and transfer to a ovenproof casserole dish.
For the Red Devil Pasta Sauce
600ml cooked pumpkin
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 onion, peeled and minced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2-1 teaspoon chilli flakes or chilli sauce equivalent or to taste
2 tablespoon coconut cream or other alternative
Salt and pepper to taste
100ml vegetable stock
Hear 1 tablespoon oil in a pan, then stir in the onion and sauce for a few minutes before stirring in the garlic, Continue to cook until really soft.  Turn off the heat and allow to cool.

Transfer to a food processor, then stir in all the remaining ingredients including the cooked pumpkin, puree until smooth and creamy.
Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.
Pour over the cooked pasta, stir well and place in oven for 20 minutes to crisp up a little.
Serve immediately 
Optional with vegan chorizo slices and sprouted beans.


  1. What a shame the pumpkin wasn't quite as tasty as you hoped (I don't quite understand the carving pumpkins - we have different ones more like kabocah squash that is full of flavour and would work well here) The ceramic pumpkin mouth is great fun too. Glad to hear you have nights of energy for dinner after work!

    1. Yes, I got it from a farmers market when we went to Glasgonbury last weekend and the woman assured me that it was not a carving pumpkin. I was also disappointed in picking up a Brie cheese at the same market for a fiver as when we got it home it was all mouldy. We want to support local traders, but when this happens its does make you mift. I agree I should have gone for something like kaboch and uchiki kuri.

  2. Very funny idea with the vomiting pumpkin! I quite like the red lentil pasta, but it does lose most of its vibrant colour when cooked. This would be a great dish for a Halloween dinner.

    1. Thanks VegHog. a few years back I saw some halloween display where the pumpkin head was vomitting its pumpkin seeds and it stuck. Yes its a shame the lentil pasta loses its colour on cooking

  3. Love the presentation! But the biggest disappointment is (as you and others mentioned) is that the pasta lost its color. Bummer. Still, I like the idea of this dish.

    1. Thanks Beth. And I am pleased you concur about the colour.

  4. This is a very fun presentation of a pasta dish!

    1. Thank you Kari. We have some vegan sweets for the kids when they come trick and treating tomorrow, Funny when I lived in the city of Glasgow and town in Wales, barely had any kids knocking - moved to the valleys and its become a tradition

  5. Hi Shaheen-
    Happy Halloween!
    Awesome presentation of the Lentil Pasta.
    We tried some Lentil Pasta recently also.
    Have a Happy Day.
    Peace :)

    1. So good to hear from you, its been a while. Your obviously a fan of lentil pasta. Happy Halloween to you too.

  6. Too bad you were disappointed. I've heard rather negative reports on gluten-free pasta, maybe some omissions are really significant.

    best... mae at

    1. Thanks Mae. I am not on a GF diet, but I do like trying new ingredients, i was very disappointed in the orange colour disapearing from the pasta as that is partly what appealed

  7. This is such a great idea for Halloween Shaheen! Love the pumpkin flavor with the lentil colored pasta! And the pumpkin on top is so funny!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Kate, inspired by American carved pumpkins.

  9. Oh my goodness I love this! It's so funny! And clever =) What a great use of pumpkin and a great and I think adults and kids would really enjoy it. It's a bummer you didn't enjoy it as much as you thought you would. Maybe try again? ;)
    Thanks so much for sharing this at Healthy Vegan Fridays! I'm pinning & sharing. Hope you're having a great week Shaheen!

    1. Thanks Kimmy. It is funny but a but yukky too, not really a good advert for food. I will def. try it again with a better pumpkin.


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