Saturday, 4 January 2014

Trini Black Eyed Peas Rice with Butternut Squash

On New Years Day, I mentioned that I had some black eyed peas on the simmer.  

Well once those black eyed peas were well cooked.  I decided to cook Trini Black Eyed Peas and rice with squash. Trini being Trinidad.  

Apparently eating black eyed peas on New Years Day is reputed to bring you good luck  and prosperity  - I cannot vouch for that, but what I do know is that I am always surprised at how much I enjoy eating black eyed peas.  
Below is the dish served in the evening, when lighting is poor.  I served it with some sauteed curly kale and pan-fried vegan chorizo.  It was quite yummy.
Recipe to follow


  1. Sorry if this offends you Shaheen, but I'd want some Jerk Pork with that rice dish! "Rice and Peas" cooked in coconut milk, with some Thyme and Spring Onions is a favourite of mine!

    1. Not at all Mark, to each his/her own.
      I would have made this with coconut milk but did not have any, maybe next time, probably next year now :)

  2. happy new year - I read a lot about black eyed peas at new years but I think we are usually eating leftover haggis (will post about my latest haggis creation soon) - this rice does look delicious and just right for some light meals after the feasting

    1. Thank you Johanna.
      Looking forward to seeing your new haggis recipe


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