Monday, 12 September 2011

Portmeirion Village

After our wander on the beach in Harlech, we wanted to make the most of our time in Gwynedd, North Wales that we decided to take a drive to Portmeirion.  I had been there before, but my memory of it was a bit of a haze as I vaguely remember being a bit travel sick.  However, D had not been there, so this was the another opportunity for me to see it again, especially with the sun peeking out now and again.
Portmeirion is a Italian style tourist village in Minfford on the Welsh coast.  The quaint village has served as the location for music videos, films and numerous television shows, most famously the 1960s cult drama 'The Prisoner' starring Patrick McGoohan and its most famous line 'I am not a number, I am a free man'.
Here are some photographs from our day.  I hope you enjoy.

Follow this link to see more of the village from The Prisoner.
A view of the empty beach.

 On the way out....
 Minfford Train Station
 Yes, this is really the train you get in Minfford if you want to get somewhere.
If you want to see more photographs of Portmeirion, fellow blogger MorningAJ was there last week too and has some fabulous photographs.  Follow this link. 


  1. What a lovely reminder and thank you for the link to my blog!

    Which day were you there? Wouldn't it be funny if it was the same day (we went twice :) )

  2. Thanks MorningAJ.
    Your welcome.
    We were there the first Friday of September in the afternoon. We arrived just after 3.30pm and stayed for a couple of hours.

  3. Ahhh! I love these photos
    Portmeirion is beautfiul!

  4. How beautiful! Not being able to travel too far with hubby(250 miles is his limit and NO planes)I truly enjoy seeing the beauty that exist in other parts of the world. Thank you for the tour.

  5. Hi Hobbit,
    My husband is not a fan of planes either, thats why last year when we went to Brittany, France we took the ferry across.

    I'm so pleased you enjoyed the virtual tour. Still have some pictures from South Wales to share, so please do come back later in the week.

  6. How adorable! I can't believe Wales has an Italianate tourist village. Looks like a grand place to visit.

    My husband (being an aerospace engineer) loves to fly, but I don't particularly enjoy it. The last real vacation we went on was to Paris and the flight was 13 hours of torture! I can't sleep on a plane, either, so that made it even worse! I keep telling him I'm taking a boat next time--at least there's a real bed.

  7. These photos are beautiful. I've never been to Wales...Where will you be moving?

  8. You had wonderful weather didn't you? We were there a week later than you and still saw some sunshine, but it had rained earlier. It's a fantastic place.

  9. Thanks Lauren.
    And guess what people actually live there too! And tourists can rent some of the places to stay too if they wish.

    Made me smile that your husband (being an aerospace engineer) likes to fly, but you don't particularly - what a couple :)

    Your last real vacation is similar to mine, it was Paris too for my belated honeymoon in early 2009 (I've even got blog posts on it).It didn't take us 13 hours, just 2 - but if I were to visit say, US or Australia - I know the flight would be long and that is something my husband will not enjoy, so its not happening any time soon :( The ferry is okay, but don't be fooled its not always plain smooth sailing. I felt rather giddy on the way back from Brittany.

    Thank you e.
    Part of it is like Scoland, very beautiful, others not so - I hope to show the other side too oneday. We haven't decided exactly where yet, but we have been checking properties in and around the South Wales area as it has better links to the major cities for commuting (employment opps).

    Hi MorningAJ.
    Actually, it wasn't that good. But we got really lucky when we got to Harlech and Portmerion on Friday afternoon. The following day was terrible as we drove through and down to South Wales, so hardly any other pictures, other than Cardiff. We hope to explore more of Wales when we move down in the near future. Plenty of places to see that is for sure, just have to wish that the weather is on your side.

  10. The art and sculpture look just fantastic! Such great photos...needless to say I have some of their pottery...can never have enough plates when you love food!

  11. Thank you Gardeningbren.
    I did go into their factory shop on site, and just admired. I agree with you though, you can never have enough plates!

  12. it does look wonderful, lovely, colourful and quirky, just my cup of tea/place to visit! we've been in most corners of the uk, but wales is a part we've yet to visit one day, portmeirion will certainly be on the to-visit-in-wales-list:)

  13. Thanks Pia.
    I have no doubt that you will like it. North Wales is beautiful, you must go there. I am due to be moving to South-West Wales in the near future, just some things delaying my move


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