Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Harvest Vegetarian

I am always interested to read and learn how cooks and chefs in other parts of the world cook creatively with their vegetables, but its not often in the U.K bookshops you'll find vegetarian cookbooks from overseas unless of course they are written by a celebrity.  However saying that, I had flicked through Harvest Vegetarian a few months ago.  I have to admit I was impressed with a number of the recipes, so much so that I have my own copy.

Harvest Vegetarian is a cookbook.  The recipes come from a vegetarian restaurant in Sydney, Australia called Harvest VegetarianHarvest Vegetarian is written by the head chef Adam de Ath.
So many of the recipes have excited me and I have bookmarked them to make in the future.  There is tomato and rosemary jam, crumbed stuffed mushrooms (a refreshing change from the deep fried garlic mushrooms),Vietnamese rice paper rolls, steamed spicy vegetarian buns, Vegetable Coconut Curry, Pumpkin and rocket gnocchi, curried potato timbale, an interesting sounding Cauliflower castle that is made in a mould and served with Béarnaise Sauce - I think it would be perfect to make and serve to guests.  The book doesn't disappoint on desserts either.  For sweet bites there is: Lavender Shortbread, Blueberry Sorbet, Viennese Lime biscuits, Pear and hazelnut tart with orange cream (see cover for image) and one that personally appeals to me, Mango and Pineapple cake with coconut.  The book also has breads, soups,  dips, sauces and dressings.

The two recipes I really can't wait to make is the potato and olive cake and the Rosemary and tomato jam.  The potato and olive cake is made with feta, olives and rocket.  I would have made it today, but my homegrown Jersey potatoes are best enjoyed boiled, not mashed so the potato and olive cake will have to wait another day. Its a hardback book with lots of glossy photographs of vegetables and some of the dishes, but I have to admit I was just sold on the recipes which I personally found appealing.

As its an Australian cookbook, the language is such as Kumara which is known to us in the U.K as sweet potato, and Pontiac potatoes, a red skinned variety that is good for mashing and Ox heart potatoes - I think the closest we get here are Beef Tomatoes and capsicums aka peppers.  But other than that, its absolutely fine, the recipes are easy with straightforward instructions which are in grams and ounces and another crucial thing, all the ingredients mentioned are easily available. 

Although it is marketed as a vegetarian cookbook, I think it would suit anyone who is looking forward to incorporate more vegetables in their diet.  The book also includes a number of vegan and gluten free recipes.  I was impressed with it, that's the reason it on my bookshelf, I hope I have encouraged you to take a peek at it.

Harvest Vegetarian is retailed in the U.K at £14.99, but the publishers New Holland Publishers are offering A2K readers an impressive 40% discount. Just enter the discount code A2K at the checkout to receive your discount and free postage and packaging. This offer is valid until the 1st September 2011 to United Kingdom residents only (sorry overseas readers).

If you like the sound of this, Vegetarian by Pippa Cuthbert and Lindsay Cameron Wilson may also appeal. Vegetarian contains over 90 recipes suitable for a vegetarian diet, including canapés, main courses and side dishes which is presently on offer.


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  2. Woo hoo and the book is especially great because it's Australian! :)

  3. Ooh do let us know how the tomato and rosemary jam taste like! Is it a sweet or savoury jam?

  4. That cookbook looks like a fantastic one :)

  5. Thanks for the info on the book. Will check it out!

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  6. This looks great - I'm a little chastened I haven't heard of it, being an Australian publication, but will definitely look out for it. Although I call sweet potato sweet potato, so I'm not sure what the author is up to :P

  7. I spent ages swithering over this book in a bookshop months ago - now I wish I had bought it - but may return some time


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