Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Welsh Vegetarian Menu for St David's Day

Dydd Dewi Sant hapus! (Happy St David’s Day!)
Sadly I have no glorious daffodils to share with you. Those growing in my tiny garden plot in the West of Scotland are just starting to push there way through the soil. Instead I share with you some delicate drooping snowdrops that are dotted all over the place. For those of you, who wish to celebrate St David's Day, may I tempt you with some Welsh recipes.
Potato, Leek and chilli soup
Serve with a Red Dragon Chilli Shortbread
If soup doesn't take your fancy, how about some Welsh bites with a South Asian twist - Caerphilly Cheese pakoras aka bhaji's
Welsh Glamorgan pakora bites,
For something more substantial, perhaps some Glamorgan Sausages with Potato and Leek Mash
Or something different - Laverbread Burger - 100% Welsh.
For something a little more elegant, a warm bowl of Rarebit Risotto. And to finish of your meal, you must have some melt in the mouth - soft, delicate Welsh Cakes.


  1. Wow....what a mouth watering selection of temptation.....which to try first is the only question.

    Have a wonderful time, see you back here soon.

    Sue xx

  2. Mmmm! Welsh cakes. Oh how I miss those. When I was a little git growing up in Wales we always celebrated St David's day by going to school dressed in National costume, with the funny black hat and a daffodil pinned to us! My Dad would pull a leek up from the garden for my brother too!

  3. Happy St David's Day. Have a few great days away. x

  4. Happy St David's Day!! Have a lovely trip - you may spot a few daffs as you get further down the country. :-D

  5. What an impressive array of Welsh recipes for St. David's Day, Mango. You should really think about putting together a cookbook - your recipes are that unique and vegetarian! Wish I had some of those pakoras now.
    And I love seeing those snowdrops; mine are still buried until mounds of snow, but it won't be long before they pop through - the first sign of spring, here in the Hudson Valley. Can't wait!

  6. Love the welsh theme! If I was with my boyfriend this St. David's Day I was planning a welsh themed day (as he is welsh).

    I love welsh cakes, his Mum makes the best ones! I've never tried before. I came to uni today and they were selling what they called welsh cakes, but they were nothing like them!

  7. This all looks wonderful. The potato soup especially. Have fun on your trip.

  8. Sounds delicious! Happy St. David's Day!

  9. It all looks wonderful. I'll need to make something tonight for my welsh wife (who apparently forgot).

  10. Dydd Dewi Sant hapus i ti.

    From one Welsh girl living in Scotland to another xx

  11. Oh my, that all looks so wonderful. Happy St. David's Day to you too!!

    Did you use a cookie cutter for the dragon shortbread? My kids would LOVE to have that on their plates.

  12. I made the rarebit risotto today, as directed, using 100g sharp Cheddar, and found it lovely, warm and creamy. Just the thing for a day with a minus 28C temperature! I hope you have a good holiday, mangocheeks. And, Happy St David's Day.

  13. Thanks for dropping by my little blog! Love yours and am inspired already by all your lovely recipes ... will be trying the sweet potato falafel one very soon as we have plenty of those at the moment. So lovely to see such a variety of vegetarian fare. cheers Wendy

  14. Not quite sure how I got here, but I love those red chilli dragons! Is that a special Welsh biscuit cutter or did you make a template? Anyway it all looks really tempting.

  15. Hope you're having a lovely time of your trip!

  16. belated happy st david's day - lovely round up of recipes to celebrate - hope you get some daffodils in your life soon

  17. Thank you Sue.
    I woud recommend the Welsh cakes - made fresh they just melt in your mouth and the smell is gorgeously sweet.

    Thanks Funkbunny.
    What part of Wales did you grow up in?
    Its kinda sweet to read that you dressed up for St Davids Day. I never ever had to dress up on St David's day :)

    Thank you Kath x

    Thank you Ruth.
    Guess where I first saw my first daffs of the season - not Wales, but Essex :-D

    Thank you so much Barbara.
    The thought does cross my mind now and again. Who knows, it may happen, but I wish to Thank you for your confidence in me and my recipes. Really does mean a lot to me.

    Hope your snowdrops start peeping through :)

  18. Thank you Zoe.
    Shame you did not get the opportunity to make a Welsh feast, maybe next year.

    I agree with you about Welsh cakes - yum! Once you've had the real thing, subs are not acceptable.

    Thank you Mama.
    The potato soup was very filling.

    Thank you affectioknit.

    Thanks Dan.
    So what did you make for your lovely Welsh Mrs?

    Thank you so much Taz.
    May I ask, what part of Wales you grew up in?
    Take care xx

  19. Thank you so much Fay.
    So lovely to hear from you :)

    It took me a while to find, but I used a cookie cutter. The Welsh dragon is a very intricate creature and even with my patience I would not have been able to capture the detail.

    Thank you so much Judith.
    I'm so delighted to read that you made the 'Welsh rarebit risotto'. Moreso, that you found it tasty and warming. Your right, it certainly is a welcoming dish for a day with a minus 28C temperature!

    I do hope its much warmer now :)

    Thank you so much for repaying the compliment and coming by Wendy aka duchess_declutter. Thank you also for choosing to become a follower. I do appreciate it. Do hope you get to make the sweet potato falafels.

    PS Every blog starts small and then grows with time, your will bloom too :)

    Well whatever brought you here Joanna - Thank you for coming by and leaving a lovely comment.
    I used a Welsh biscuit cutter for the shortbread. I know you can purchase it online.

    Thank you so much Theanne.

    Thanks Johanna GGG.
    Back home in Scotland and still no daffodils. I may have to pick some from the market.

  20. I grew up in North Wales near Llandudno - which bit of the green land are you from?

  21. Thanks Taz.
    I lived in Harlech, North Wales for a little while. I was born and brought up in South Wales - very different from the idyllic green of North Wales.

  22. Everything here sounds amazing! The dragon chilli shortbreads are just beautiful.

  23. Thank you so much Hazel.
    I'll be making the dragon shortbread again, may have to wait till next year though :)

  24. Thank you so much for these recipes! My sweetie is a vegetarian and from a Welsh family so these recipes are amazingly inspiring! I have got to find one of those Welsh Dragon cookie cutters. Cheers!

  25. Thank you so much moonsword.
    So glad you like. I hope you get to make some for your loved one.

    You should be able to order the dragon cookie cutter on line.

  26. Oooh Harlech is lovely, I've taken many a teenage drive out to Harlech :)
    I'm loving all your recipes just wish I could find the motivation to make more of them - not your fault, all mine for not making lists before I go shopping x

  27. Thank you so much Taz.
    I do like to experiment.
    Maybe you'll get to make something soon, but don't worry - your permitted just to drool :P


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