Sunday, 27 March 2011

Potato Bed

With so much change happening in our lives at the moment, we have decided to keep our growing antics in the garden to a bare minimum. We have just planted some early potatoes in our tiny garden plot. In the plot border, you can see chives growing and some Swiss chard from last year that has somehow survived the snow. I've also transferred my sage to the plot as it did not seem happy contained in a pot.
Normally I put some colourful flowers compliments of my late neighbour, but I've decided to put the strawberries in them. Hopefully this way, those pesky slugs will keeps away.
In the border, where I've planted some brambles the daffys have come up.
Last year I had transplanted some wild garlic in my garden near the water feature aka bird bath, the dampest spot in the garden. Surprisingly the wild garlic has taken root, look here next to the wild nettle. This will give us perhaps serve as a garnishing, rather than a meal. So I'll still definitely be foraging for wild garlic in the coming weeks, and hopefully other free edible wild weeds.


  1. I'm so excited for your tiny little plot! I too love to grow my own veggies and I have just been given the go ahead from my landlord to dig up the grass outfront of my house. Yay veggie plots! Good luck with yours!

  2. Looking good. I really must do some planting soon.

  3. Thank you One Woman.
    Normally I pack the plot with legumes and courgettes, but there is a possibility we may be moving home later in the year so this is the reason for small planting.

    Good luck with your little plot. Its good to read that your landlord has been kind enough to let you dig up a bit of the land.

  4. Thank you MorningAJ.
    Hope you get round to do some sowing too.

  5. Wow, you did a great job on the bed Mango..soil looks so fertile. Wonder what your earlies are? I am planning to try Caribe this year. There are 'a few"))) good veg potting blogs out there and am quite amazed how much I am learning! Doubt this year, I will put flowers in pots. A new hopes...positive thoughts for harvest eh!

  6. It is thrilling seeing your plot come alive. I'm planting potatoes in pots again this year. I've just got hold of onions that I need to find a place for... amongst other things. I love what you've done with the strawbs!

  7. Thank you Gardening Bren.
    The grond is fantastic - lots of wriggly worms. Just a shame there is not more of it for me to plant more :(
    I think the potatoes I've planted are Organic Jersey Royals, but I couldn't remember for sure. I will have to doube check and up-date my blog. I've never heard of Caribe, would love to see the result unearthed and cooked!

    Postive thoughts - Yes :)

  8. Thanks Monica.
    I'm a tad nervous about the strawberries planted that high, I just got to ensure that they get watered well as those hanging baskets don't hold water well.

    I did potatoes in pots last year and didn't get much of a yield. The reason I've decided to plant in the plot this year, instea of legumes and courgettes, is there is a possibiity we may be moving from Scotland in the next 6 months or so, so its easy growing in that sense.

    Good luck with your potatoes in pots.

  9. Oh how exciting! I love spring! Good luck with all your gardening, I'm jealous of your wild garlic patch! Looks sooo good! :)

  10. Thanks Sooz,
    Please don't be too jealous of my wild garlic patch, it really is just a patch.

  11. Ooh - I'd love to know a bit more about how you transplanted the wild garlic. I clicked back to your older link and I see that you lifted it with the bulbs - any other tips? I'd really like some in my garden.

  12. Thanks Hannah.
    Be careful where you lift your wild garlic as some places don't allow it, but are happy for you to take the leaves.

    I honestly didn't do very much. I ensured I lifted with the bulbs in tact and then planted it near the dampest spot in my garden, thats all and it surprised me by taking - growing. I think it will take a while to spread.


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