Thursday, 11 November 2010

Apple and cinnamon stick Jelly

As promised here is the Apple and cinnamon jelly recipe. Unlike the Rosehip and Melon jelly, the one thing I noticed about this recipe was the amount of scum (white froth or form) rising to the surface. This scum actually comes from the fruit, it is harmless and just doesn't look pretty at the final stage or in the jar, so it has to be skimmed off with a ladle. This was the only bit that was a nuisance, but other than that it was pretty straightforward to make. I know some people stir in a little butter towards the end, but I don't.
Apple and cinnamon stick jelly
Makes 5 - 6 x 245ml jars
1.8kg (4lbs) cooking apples, remove any bruised bits, otherwise just chop all of it, keeping skin, core and pips
2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
Fat stick of cinnamon, broken in half
450 g of granulated sugar for every pint of juice obtained
Optional: grated or finely sliced pieces of peeled eating apple
In a large preserving pan, put in the chopped apple pieces, lemon juice, cinnamon stick and cover with just enough water. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 30 minutes until soft. Mash thoroughly to extract as much juice as possible. Strain through a jelly bag or muslin-lined nylon sieve (my was a home-made device again - see above), set over a large bowl. Do not press the fruit or squeeze the bag as this will make the jelly cloudy. Leave until the dripping stops. This may take several hours or even overnight. I tend to leave it overnight. Next, measure the liquid and return it to the pan along with 450g sugar for each pint of liquid. Stir well over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Optional: add finely chopped pieces of peeled eating apple to the jar. Increase the heat and boil rapidly for 10 -15 minutes. Test your jam for a set — setting point is 105C (220F). If necessary, boil for longer and keep testing, until the jelly has reached setting point. Remove the pan from the heat, skim off the scum with a ladle and allow to cool briefly. Carefully pour into hot, sterilised jars. Seal the jars and allow the jelly to cool completely before labelling and storing.


  1. Looks great! Will be looking out for the apple & chilli recipe - thanks.

  2. Looks so god! I love the combo of apples and cinnamon together. So good. And I really really love the jars you put it in!

  3. Your apple cinnamon jelly looks beautiful, it;s something I'd never think to make myself.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  4. Such beautiful color, liquid gold. Tried adding cloves to one of my jellies and like your cinnamon..floated to the top, but, looked lovely when opened...Surprise!!

  5. I am a bit scared of trying these type of recipes for fear that I won't seal the Jar correctly :( But this seems very easy.

  6. It's funny, as a few days ago I made chunky apple jam with almost exactly the same ingredients (in the middle of all the traveling, I still haven't got around to blogging about it though). :) I never thought to make jelly of the apples, but this looks beautiful!

  7. Yum! That's like apple cider in a jar! Great idea!

  8. Thank you so much Cabbage Tree Farm.
    The apple & chilli recipe is very similar to this one.

    Thank you Morgan.
    I do recyle a lot, but the amound of jam, jellies, chutney and preserves i've been making lately i've had to buy in quantity. It worked out much cheaper than single jars too. a worthy investment I think.

    Thank you so, so much Mandee for becoming a follower. I honestly appreciate it and am Thankful for your support.

    Thank you so much Gardeningbren.
    Liquid gold is a beautiful description for them, especially once the cloudy scum was ladled out : ) I think we need to keep turning the jars every 20 minuts in the first two hours for the pieces to suspend in the jars, otherwise they float. But saying that, the apple and chilli jam I made was fine. It set as soon as i poured it into the jar, well pretty much.

  9. Tessie.
    Firstly Thank you so much for becoming a follower. Secondly, have a go at making this recipe, it really is simple. And you get more confident and experimental with experience. The first time I made jellies was last month and look at me now - I am flying like i've ben making it for years : )

    Thanks for your comment Seglare.
    Its that time of year when apples are falling and we are all wondering how to preserve their goody flavour!

    Lovely to hear from you Carissa.
    Apple cider in a jar! I'm more of a pear cider gal :) Take care

  10. Wow, jelly without additional pectin? So the pectin from the apples is enough to make this set? I _must_ try this. It looks delicious, and I think it would make nice little gifts too.

  11. Thanks Phoenix.
    Yes no added pectin. Fab isn't it?! I've seen a number of American recipes that call for a box of pecting, its not soemthign that we have in the U.K, unless of course its already added to a new innovation called 'Jam sugar', but I just use granulated sugar and its sets well. Do try it, and if you do, please let me know how you got on. Thanks for coming by.


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