Saturday, 2 October 2010

Honeydew Melon cake for a crowd

I had picked up a melon, dare I say it about a month ago. It has been nestling in my fruit bowl for all that time. I kept forgetting about it as it kept disappearing underneath the windfall apples. It was only last weekend when I began making some chutney and jam with the apples, I saw it peeking at me. Its yellow gold skin starting to mottle brown in places. I was considering blitzing it to healthy smoothie drink; or even freezing the puree as healthy honeydew melon lollipops, but eating healthily has never come easy to me. So of course, it had to be cake. Yes, more cake!
The batter was rather runny, that I feared the cake would be a gloopy mess, but it actually turned out good. The flavour of the honeydew melon in the cake is really subtle. You will smell it at first; and taste it on first bite, but after that its gone.
Oh, I must point out this cake was quite moist as it was, but I decided to drizzle it with some honeydew melon glaze too. This gave the cake added moistness. Just imagine honey soaked baklava, but the texture was semolina like.

This recipe make a huge quantity, so I recommend you inviting some friends over, and serving it with a cup of tea or a bit of vanilla ice-cream on the side. Failing that, take it into work and share with your work colleagues, especially with those who need cheering up.
Honeydew Melon cake
Makes 2 loaves
250ml – 400ml pureed (not liquidized) honeydew melon
3 eggs, beaten
2 teaspoons vanilla
240ml vegetable oil
350g caster sugar
450g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of dash salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
Optional glaze: some pureed honeydew mixed with icing sugar to desired consistency
Puree some of the chopped honeydew in a blender and pulse till you have the required amount (between 250ml – 400ml).
Add the remainder of the ingredients and pulse or blend to mix OR if you don't want to use the blender, beat all ingredients together in a large bowl just until well mixed. This is what I did. Pour mixture into 2 greased and floured loaf pans (I actually used my biscotti pan, as my loaf pans were not in their usual spot!). Bake on Gas mark 4 for an hour or until a toothpick in centre comes out clean. You may have to cover with foil the last 10- 15 minutes of baking if tops are browning to fast. Drizzle the optional glaze over the warm cake and allow to cool in the pan. Then wrap in foil and leave it overnight before removing from the pans and serving. Original recipe from here.


  1. honeydew cake? that sounds awesome and so unique!

  2. What a great recipe, I would never have thought of making a cake with it. It sounds delicious, baklava is one of my favourite things so if it tastes of that then heaven indeed.

  3. Thank you Vic.

    Thanks Kath.
    It is a pretty good recipe and like you I too would not have thought of adding melon to a cake, but the internet can be wonderful. There are a number of melon recipes there, some inc. nuts.

    PS I love baklava too. When I went to Turkey for the first time, my evening treat (every evening I was there) D and me would have a sweet treat and baklava was mine.

  4. that looks so scrummy- I've never seen or heard of melon cake before! Cx
    ps, I have a little giveaway of some of my embroidery on my blog if you fancy entering- being as you liked the birds xx

  5. Wow, what an interesting idea. I've never heard of melon cake before. I'm going to star this in my google reader.

  6. WOW!I never eating honeydew melon cake and I must admit that is the first recipe I see! I find it very interesting! I love honeydew melon... Nice discovery! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Cake is my favorite way to use up fruit, but I would have never thought of using honeydew! One for your book, for sure! ;)

  8. Thanks mother of purl.
    Hopefully some of my readers will come on over and check out your little giveaway too xx

    Thanks Jaimie.

    Thank you so much Victoria.

    :) Shannon - mine too.
    Thanks ;)

  9. How interesting. I would have never thought that you could use honeydew in cake! How about watermelon cake ;)


  10. Thanks Rose.
    Watermelon, need to think about that one.

  11. I have never cook a honeydew melon. So... I will! ;-) Thank you!

  12. What a great looking cake and who but you would have thought of using melon.

    I finally blogged about your chocolate & courgette cake a few days ago.

  13. As usual with your recipes, I start of thinking that I never heard of such a thing and end with my mouth watering and vowing to make it myself! Thanks for your reply to my comment. Really glad it cheered you up a bit. I am not exaggerating when I say how genuinely impressed I am with your writing and your cooking so when things get tough you can comfort yourself with the thought that you have more strings to your bow! Louise xx

  14. Thank you spécialiste de l'éphémère.
    This is a very big cake! Enjoy.

    Thank you so much Choclette.
    I'm not the only one using melons in cake, number of chefs and fellow bloggers have been doing it for awhile, so was inspired by them to do so too.

    I saw your variation. Intersting to note that you've used duck eggs. I have to admit i have never used duck eggs in baking.

    Thank you to YOU again from the bottom of my heart and knotted stomach that was positively encouraged by your comments and faith in me. I cannot express how much of a boost it gave me :)


  15. It's raining cats and dogs over here right now, that cake sounds perfect. Must find a melon.

    Do you have to wait for it to ripe like that?

  16. Thanks Chilean Woman,
    I think it would benefit, but once blitzed it doesn't really matter ripe or not. Hope that helps.

  17. je t'en prends un morceau !! ton blog est très jolis, tout du moins les photos car je ne comprends pas tellement l'anglais !
    bonne journée*bises

  18. Thank you so much choupette88.
    I would have been happy to share a piece of this melon cake with you. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  19. Thanks for the good ideas.
    I've been challenged to use a honeydew melon in yellow cake (for an interesting birthday cake), so I think I'll puree some and continue with the recipee I had planned... I wonder why I didn't think of that? That, and the glaze. Brilliant x

  20. You are so welcome Michael.
    Hope for you it turns out excellent. Just not too much puree, otherwise it will get too mushy.
    Lovely to make your acquaintance too.

  21. Tried the recipe, brought one to work and kept one for home, everyone loved it.
    I usually don't bother to post comments but it was truly delicious and a good use of the melon.

  22. Oh Stephanie,
    I really do appreciate you letting me know. I am so glad to read that it turned out good and everyone enjoyed a slice. Thank you so much.


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