Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mocking the 'meat'

I had to chuckle to myself a few days ago.

Although I don’t buy much convenience vegetarian food, I do like to have a peek from time to time for occasional offers (as there are days when we’ll come home and neither of us wants to cook). So on this one day at the supermarket, amongst the vegetable, tofu and mock ‘meat’ products, I noticed that some inconsiderate, selfish idiot had thrown a pork pie into the section. This is not the first time. I could easily get upset and angry, but what good is that. Instead I chuckled to myself. I am sure the idiot leads an unfulfilled life and this is one way s/he gets a kick. Very sad indeed


  1. Or maybe the perpetrator had put the pig flesh pie in their shopping cart as per usual, but upon seeing the tasty-looking veg options had a change of mine/heart/appetite so decided to swap their pig flesh pie for something far kinder, healthier and tastier... but were in too much of a hurry or too inconsiderate to put the pie back where it had come from! (At least, this is what I'd like to think happened!) :-)

  2. Hmm yeah, I wouldn't get angry over it either. It probably was a little kid who did it. Nothing to let ruin your day. I hope one day you catch him in the act!

  3. Hilarious! Must keep my eye out for any such defiling of the veggie case around here. Mango, please know I'm not neglecting you and long to catch up your posts and recipes . . . as soon as I get caught up from jet lag and culling through my 600 photos from California. The farmers market in San Francisco was such an eye-opening treat! Hope you'll stop by my place later this week when I get that post up - methinks you'll enjoy the armchair travel to my side of the pond for it :)

    Best, eggy

  4. Speaking as a meat eater - what a waste of a pork pie! And how sad that the non-veggie doesn't understand how great vegetarian food can be. But not the mock stuff.

  5. Good to have a sense of humor. And a life :-)

  6. We can only hope Laloofah.
    But I doubt it somehow...

    Not worth getting angry over it, is it Jacklyn.

    Thanks Eggy!

    Oh Eggy, no need to apologise at all. I too am having difficulty visiting fellow bloggers blogs as often as I like. I promise to come by and see what you've been up to in SanFran. I went there in 2000, don't remember very much as It was all a bit of a culture shock for me and my first real holiday, that i just enjoyed the company more, than the views. Looking forward to seeing the San Francisco Farmers Markets photo's when you've scaled down :)

    Your so funny Fran.

    True about the non-veggie doesn't appreciating how great vegetarian food can be. I agree the 'mock' stuff isn't as appealing, but its a now and again thing, not a substitute.

    Thanks Alessandra.
    I do have a life - just not a very active one.
    Need to start exercising, my waistline has increased big-time :D

  7. ooh that is sad and ignorant - maybe you can pretend that they found the mock meat area and were so disgusted at buying a pork pie they threw it in there and bought pretend meat instead? :-)

  8. Scented Sweetpeas.
    Sad, selfish and ignorant I think. Hate to think what else this person assigns to.

    Yes, i'd like to think they changed their mind, but unlikely.

  9. Good attitude toward that. You know what, I'm surprised I don't see that more often, especially with the attitudes here (my city calls itself the Porkopolis!)

    I buy those products occasionally and our grocer puts organic meat next to the faux products, so sometimes I have to look twice to see if I'm getting chicken nuggets or chik'n nuggets. Meat touching non-meat doesn't bother me (in layers of protective plastic, anyway) - the confusion does.

  10. :-) Mangocheeks, I didn't mean you! hehehehe... I meant it for the person who put a meat pie in the veggie section... to get a life! (i.e. better ways to get fun out of life) ;-)

  11. Thanks Jessica.
    'Porkopolis' mmmm.

    One of the supermarkets here puts faux meat next to 'meat products' too. I agree with you, it doesn't bother me totally as protected with covering, but its about being mindful of others.

    Oh that's okay.
    I took it in a good way.


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