Sunday, 29 August 2010

Geilston Gardens Fruit and Vegetables

We decided to go to Geilston Gardens for some local, seasonal and organic fruit and vegetables.
We discovered Geilston gardens this year during the Easter weekend, when we decided to finally become members of the National Trust for Scotland.
As well as being a rather beautiful garden, whats terrific about Geilston Gardens is that it grows and sells its produce directly to the public at fair and reasonable prices. Although finding my peace with farmers markets here, I am still rather disappointed as there only appear to be two vegetable stalls and I don't think either of them are from the West of Scotland. Secondly, I do find farmers markets a little too expensive. So its been a blessing to find Geilston Gardens. Even though its a bit of a drive away, its nice to get away from our industrial and grey location at weekends.
Although Geilston Gardens sells produce to the public, it's not about making a profit, but an attempt to distribute vegetables growing in the garden, that would otherwise go to waste if left to rot. Something else that adds charm to Geilston Garden is that it does not actually have a farm shop, the friendly volunteers including Anne Kelly (who welcomes visitors to Geilston Gardens) display whats been freshly harvested on the day, as well as plants and flowers on an open stall with the prices clearly listed. You take what you want and put the coins or notes into the 'Honesty box'.
Geilston Gardens is the second place in Scotland where I've seen an honesty box. The other was on a farm in Fife selling vegetables and eggs. I totally appreciate the trust that goes into this. I live just on the outskirts of city and know it would not work here, not only would the produce disappear, so would the honesty box. So its rather humbling to see there are still places where people honour this transaction.
So for just over £5.00 I picked up: Purple kale, huge red and white onions, green courgettes, a leek, parsley and some Discovery eating apples.
Although we had a peek of the orchard and vegetable gardens in late June, I still wanted to see the progress.
Mmmm lots of eating apples.
The last time I saw the sweet corn they must have been about 6 inches off the ground, now look at them - nearly ready for the picking.
I spy some pumpkins too
After wandering through the vegetable garden, we walked through the ornamental garden.
I love to admire the changing colours, so does D. Look he was happy camera snapping. Enjoy.

All photographs taken by D.


  1. as usual your pictures are fantastic! Makes me want to buy vegetables right now! The honesty box is amazing, it certainly wouldn't do too good around here but how great that there are some honest folks out there!

  2. Heloo there girl!!!! Hope you are doing fabulous!
    Not ONLY are you an excelllent cook, but you are also an unbelieable photographer!! I love to come to your blog and admire your phtotographing skills! Honestly, can a have that picture with the bee?????! I would love to blow something like that up for my childrens room....

  3. Oh lovely! I'm a garden volunteer at a national trust place and this year we started an allotment and have been selling the produce (we have potatoes, beans, courgettes, marrows and salad veg as well as apples, damsons and raspberries) It's great fun! It's nice to see how other NT properties are doing it :)

  4. beautiful fruits and flowers - such vibrant colors!

  5. Gorgeous photos, and what a charming little market! Some farmstands here located out in the country have "honesty boxes." Actually, the last time I saw one was for firewood rather than food. Thanks so much for sharing your photos!

  6. I really love the apple tree picture! :)

  7. Beautiful photos. Looks like a truly lovely place to gather local produce.

  8. Great minds think alike. I agree that whilst I support farmer's markets, they seem very expensive. Sometimes I wonder if I am just being ripped off?

    This makes it even more refreshing to pick up good value veg direct from the supplier. We went to a pick your own farm this weekend.

    We were up in Scotland this holiday, and I am very envious of you living up there in such a beautiful environment.


  9. Thank you Darlene.
    Intersting to read how it is where you are with honesty boxes.

    Thank you so, so much for such a lovely and kind comment. An e mail is coming your way. Courtesy and compliments of D.

    Hi Sooz,
    So lovely to hear that you volunteer at a national trust place and a place that sells its produce too :)

    Thank you so, so much Sara.

    Hi Eggy aka Intuitive eggplant,
    Thank you for sharing your experience of 'honesty boxes'. I was so interested to read about the firewood stall.

  10. Hi Vic.
    Guess what thats my favourite picture too :)

    Thank you Rose.
    I def. prefer it to the farmers markets at the moment.

    Thank you Jacklyn!

    Thank you Moyra.
    I did see that you were up in Scotland recently. Sorry to read the weather wasn't kind, but thats Scotland for you.

    So pleased to read that you agree with me. I like you support farmer's markets, but they seem very expensive. So this new option is really appealing to me. So envious that you got to pick your own veg at a farm this weekend.

  11. Beautiful photos and the fruit and veg are likewise gorgeous. Thanks so much for the e-mail you sent.

  12. Thank you so much e.
    Your welcome re the e mail.

  13. All that fresh fruit and veg look so lovely. one of my dreams is to pick veggies for my meals from my garden.


  14. Rose,
    One day your dream will come true. Your garden may start small but it will grow gradually.

  15. What beautiful & colourful pictures!! This garden is looking wonderful!!

    A wonderful place to visit & thanks for sharing it with us!

  16. Oh Sophie Thank you so much. Its always lovely to hear from you.


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