Sunday, 8 August 2010

Finally...a sunny weekend

in the land of WoS (West of Scotland)
Yesterday we drove around the West coast.
Stopping at our usual spots, some of which I've posted about before here.
We stopped briefly at the farm shop, but as National Trust for Scotland members, we decided to purchase most of our vegetables from Geilston Gardens. There was so much choice and the prices extremely reasonable.
We came away with purple kale, broad beans, green beans, parsley and blackcurrants.
We drove past the Dunbarton rock. I think its quite impressive from the distance, than close up. See previous blog entry here.
Still rather early and feeling quite energetic, we decided to drive to Loch Lomond and then onto Balloch. I've posted about these places before too, see here. It was rather nice, doing nothing in particular, enjoying the beaming sun-shine and having a lazy summer stroll.
I was a little sorry that I did not leave the flat with some bread, so that I could feed the brave quacky ducks and rather elegant swans who were coming up close and personal.

Today the sun was still shining, so instead of wanting to stay in like a good housewife and do some house-work, we decided to go to The Burrell Collection and Pollok Park. Our visit to the Burrell was quite short as it felt like we had been here quite recently. But the park was good, we visited the vegetable garden. D was rather impressed with this cooking pot, I agree its pretty cool.
We also decided to go into Pollok House. The last time D and me came here, we were not members of the National Trust of Scotland, so were only permitted to go into the servant quarters downstairs. When we walked downstairs, there was a cafe and a tourist shop. This time as members, we were permitted to go upstairs. Hmmmmm. I'm not really one for admiring regal and grandeur places of residence, I prefer to look at such places from the outside. But what did capture my interest was this property also hosted Murder Mystery: Candlelit Dinners, where you can dine and take part in their Murder Mystery! I wonder if they do a vegetarian option!?
After walking around the house, it was onto the gardens and admiring and absorbing natures colours and natures beauty.
It really is a fine place. D needs to hurry and get himself a bicycle, so that we can cycle and explore these places a bit more.


  1. What pretty photos and great fresh produce. Those blackcurrants look wonderful. I would hope you can request a vegetarian meal and do a murder mystery night - sometimes I worry about that, too. Usually people are very accommodating, but sometimes I feel like a pest for asking.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend and you have so many wonderful places to visit.

  3. Thanks Jessica.
    I'm sure they would accommodate. But not without squinting a little. We shouldn't have to made to feel awkward when politely requesting food suitable to our dietary requirements.

    It really is wonderful when you can drive out to these places. Sometimes I do wonder, if neither D and me drove, would we be as adventurous and seen so much of Scotland. I really doubt it.

  4. That sounds like a perfect weekend and you got some great shots in the gardens :)

  5. Thanks Jacqueline.
    Wake up this morning to go into work and its raining. Alas the weekend was good.

    Thank ou Morgan. The rock is rather cool. I totally agree.

  6. Looks lovely there - loving all your photos as usual :-)

  7. sounds like a lovely weekend - I love the hairy coo - they are just gorgeous - lots of interesting views and food - the candlelit murder mystery weekend sounds fun - I've only done that sort of thing once and actually I think it made me nervous but I still love the idea

  8. Thank you Scented Sweetpeas.

    So many of the hairy coos, so it was kinda hard to decided which one to take a photo of.

    I probably won't do the Murder Mystery Weekedn, it only lasts during the sumer period and its passing me by.


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