Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Work till your Musselburgh

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but recently my workload has increased meaning wider coverage of Scotland. I really do enjoy the work I do, but as you can imagine additional responsibility for anyone can have its positives and negatives. To name a few of the positives, well two actually, sometimes I get to go to pretty little places and sometimes I get to meet some interesting characters. However with the good comes the negative: such as the early starts, the long distant travelling (sometimes driving, sometimes train and dare i say it sometimes flying). The majority of the places I have to go are based on industrial sites, so quite faceless, grey and dreary. In some cases travelling to these places has resulted in staying away from home. Once upon a time I enjoyed this exploratory aspect. But now with age, experience and time and the fact it happens too often, I no longer want to be away from my home turf especially overnight or more than one night. I love being surrounded by my things being with my husband, and as small as it is, I like pottering in my own kitchen and garden; and ultimately sleeping in my own bed.

However, I am realistic and I know work pays the bills and unlike some people in these trying economic times, I am extremely fortunate to have employment so these small sacrifices have to be made now and again. So despite the 5.00am start and drive from the West of Scotland to the South coast of Scotland, which in itself whacks my body clock and impacts on my eating habits. I'll try focus on one of the positives. I recently got to go to one of the pretty places.
So where was this.
Musselburgh one of Scotland's oldest towns.
It is famous for its Horse Racecourse.
and Prestonpans. Both these places are just outside of Edinburgh.
I'm making more of a habit to take my camera, as I never know when I have the opportunity to play tourist, especially at a place I've never been to before. I was amazed to see this totem, but this was not the only thing attracting me.
Every so often you would come across a mural. Here are a few that were on route.

Before heading back home, I parked the car near Prestongrange Museum to drink my flasked black coffee and sandwich made lovingly by my husband.
What amazes me every time I come to the East-South Coast of Scotland whether its by train or driving, are the poppies this time of year.
The poppies here seem to be prolific. They seem to be everywhere, even on the side of rail tracks. So delicate, wispy and deep passionate red.
Unlike the West of Scotland, where i hardly see any. I think this must have something to do with the climate; or perhaps I am not looking in the right places where I live. I really haven't seen that many growing wild in the West Coast for a number of years now.
Before leaving this quiet place, I couldn't stop myself from admiring this old abandoned train walkway. There is something just romantic about it; or maybe its just the rampant wild flowers around it that are making me feel that way.


  1. I love poppies too, they grow here but they burn not wilt with the hot Utah weather.

    Beautiful photos, girlie!

  2. Thanks for the lovely walk through Musselburgh - I especially enjoyed the murals & the abandoned walkway (and yes, it is rather romantic!).

  3. I like your positive outlook, Mango. I say the same thing at times; fortunate to have work and a creative respite from it. Happy gardening and looking on the bright side of things! I love your travel photos, the armchair traveler that I am. :)

  4. Thanks for the beautiful tour- I love your photos. Glad you're finding the bright side to work and life! xo m.

  5. I love the old railway walkway as well. That would look beautiful in a garden. Very 'Secret Garden'.

  6. Interesting post, beautiful photos, thanks for sharing a different part of the world. I agree the train walkway looks romantic and very cool in it's own abandoned way.

  7. I loved all of these pictures! Scotland looks very beautiful! And so different from where I live, in Southern California!

  8. I just love the photos Mnagocheeks. Make sure you let me know if you come to Dundee :)

  9. Wow, what great murals. I love exploring, but 5am starts sound a bit horrendous.

    You're right about poppies and the east/west thing. It's the same in England, I have seen more prolific poppies in the South east than the North West where I grew up.

    It must be climate and possibly soil. I know the North West of England is mainly rich clay and damp, acid soil. The south east seems to be mainly chalky or well drained alkaline soil.

    I'm sure there are exceptions to this, but I also think our thin soil in London makes for smaller vegetables. At least that's my excuse!

  10. I love the way you tell a story through your wonderful photos ;)
    Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Have a great day and flavourful wishes, Claudia

  11. Thank you Chilean Woman.
    It such a shame that the poppies burn. I wanted to pick some to take back home, but I knew they would wilt in the back of the car. So it was best to enjoy them there and then.

    Your so welcome Grapefruit.
    There are so many other murals, but unfortunately I did not have the time to hunt them out.

    Thank you so much Barbara GF.
    Sometimes it hard, but we must get on with work and all it throws at us :)

    I am glad you liked the photographs. Many more to come.

    Thank you so much ecoMILF.

    Thank you cityhippyfarmgirl.
    I agree it would look beautiful in a garden. If I lived near by, had a big garden, I would have towed it away and recycled it by now.

    Your so welcome Pacheco Patty.
    I am so glad you enjoyed the photos and so glad you share my fondness for the bridge.

    Thank you Morgan.
    Parts of Scotland are beautiful.

    I'd love to see some photographs on your blog of Southern California. I've been to Northern California and Bay area in 2000. I really enjoyed my short time there.

    Thank you Jacqueline.
    I've been to Dundee a couple of times before I started blogging and really liked it. I promise to let you know if I am sent in that direction.

    Hi Moy- reapwhatyougrow.
    Its so nice to hear from you.
    Yeah the early starts (mainly the driving to and for) get to me sometimes, but it is something i have to get used to.

    Thank you for sharing your observation about the poppies. I am surprised to learn that it is the same in England. Like you I agree it must have something to do with the climate and possibly soil.

    Thank you so much Claudie. I am not a very good writer and just write as I would talk to you. So am pleased.

  12. Thank you Little messy Missy.
    I wish I had seen the others on route, but these were all i could see.

  13. I am sorry you have to be away from home; I, too, love to have my things and my husband right where I can touch them. But, since you had to go, thank you for keeping an eye out for all of these lovely sights and for sharing them!

  14. Thanks for your kind words Shannon.

    It issomething I have to get used to now, as it is def. becoming part of my workload - though not officially.

    On the plus side I was able to explore a little and i am so glad you enjoyed the images. Thank you.

  15. Hi I enjoyed looking at your photographs. My husband is from Prestonpans and his dad owned a little supermarket many years ago on the main street which is opposite a little car park on the sea front which lookes like the site for the totem pole. Thanks for the memories.

  16. Thank you so much for your comment Marie.
    I am glad the photographs evoked some lovely memories.

    Yes, I do recall a little mini market opp. the totem, what it was called I cannot remember though. So it could have been the one your father in law owned all those years ago.


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