Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bean Framed

Thank goodness I took advantage of the sunny weather yesterday, as today it just rained - rained and rained. I got a lot done yesterday.
One of the tasks was to build a bean frame.
If you click on the picture, you'll note the: neckar, blauhilde, blue lake and scarlet runner beans are all already climbing up the poles. How come? you may wonder, if she's only just build the frame. Well the beans have been in pots with a pole climbing for a while, they just had not been transferred to the ground. I am going to utilize the space under the bean pole, perhaps with lettuces or even celeriac.
Whilst keeping a watchful eye for the cabbage white butterfly, I took the netting off the brassicas. It was only briefly, so that I could do some weeding. I found some volunteer potatoes growing and just had to pull them out, as well as some borage. I decided to leave some of them in, as I know there good for the wildlife. Next to the brassicas are my broad beans and these lovely peas.
The pea leafs are beginning to take over the wig wam. Although there are some pea flowers I have yet to see peas. Beneath the pea wigwams, I have planted some beetroot. I did say I was going to use up ever bit of space I would in my 3.3 metres long by 2.3 metres raised bed. I also put in some sunflowers. Now every garden needs a sunflower to welcome them. I hope they will grow tall and strong, but right now I am protecting them from the slugs and snails.
I've mentioned before that I live in upper cottage flat, so this is the view of my garden from my window. This is what it looked like when I left yesterday afternoon. There is still so much to do, just look at those pots, but at least the grass has been cut by my lovely husband.


  1. It looks just perfect to me

  2. I am very envious of your peas as mine have done miserably this year! The plot looks great, and nice that you appreciate your husband. I need to be a bit more grateful to mine at times.

    I just love it when I do loads of work on the plot, then the next day rains a lot. There is something so satisfying about sitting smugly indoors knowing that your plants are getting watered, and not the weeds!

  3. Ohhh I am *so, so, so* jealous of your garden. :)

  4. Love your lovely little garden.I always come back to your blog to see the fresh veggies and fruits from your garden and the fresh food that comes from your kitchen and the photographs.Love the way you take care of your plants.
    Little or big growing our own food surely gives a lot of satisfaction.I live in an apartment too.We have a patio where I plant some tomatoes,flower plants and green chillies every year in pots.This year for a change I bought small plants from the nurseries and repotted them.This year I planted a variety of vegetable plants and waiting for them to grow and yield some fresh veggies.

  5. Your garden looks lovely! Mine is starting to really fill out too! I love seeing how others garden!

  6. Your bean frame is lovely. Think you have chosen some great bean variety as well and will enjoy them before you know it!! Blauhilde was a terrific producer for us last year...tender and beautiful besides.

  7. Wow,so green. A beautiful garden,well taken care of.Enjoy the fruits of labour :):)

  8. Garden looks like it's coming along great. We've been hit with lots of rain too. Love that the garden is being watered...but the mosquito's have now become vicious! And we're having some trouble with blight. Hope your beans enjoy the wonderful poles you've made for them.

  9. What a lovely, intensive garden, Mango. I love how you made use of all the available space. Your bean frame is a great design.

  10. That is a wonderful garden! And it sounds like you have a wonderful husband too! :)

  11. your garden just looks amazing!!! and I love a little lady bug on a adorable :)

  12. Ahh it looks brilliant! I planted pole beans this year for the first time and had no idea they will climb that high - makes me realise I have to rethink my bean frame.

    Do you have a big problem with slugs? Last year was the first year I've ever had to deal with them and I did the beer-in-dishes thing...but it didn't get them all. Would love to nab some of your wisdom on how to deal with those buggers...

  13. I'm delighted to see your garden flourishing. Must be lovely to look out on that view each morning. You can't fail to start the day with a smile.

  14. Thank you to every one for their comment. I have read and appreciated each and every one of them

    You asked about slugs. I tried a lot of things to keep them off my gub, broken egg shells, beer in jars, spent coffee granules, even picked them off and put them in a slug pot. But later, because there were so many of them, I actually learned to live with them. One of the things you learn to do is plant some ’sacrificial lettuces’, this hopefully will distract them from your other produce.

    RE the bean poles. To be honest mine are not that tall. At the allotment I actually had an industrial fencing frame for the beans to climb. I don't think it would look attractive in my back garden. So these little poles will do just fine.

    Thank you Nic.
    It really is lovely to look out of the window in the morning.


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