Sunday, 9 May 2010

Come on over to my place

for some Rhubarb and ginger muffins
and some tea, or coffee if you wish.
And lets just enjoy the 'present'.
I saw these flower petal tea-cups and saucers (two of them are not pictured) in a charity shop about a year or so ago. It reminded me of my childhood and playing with a child set of tea-cups and sauces. I remembered how pretty and dainty those were tattooed with flower patterns. So how on earth could I resist these 'sweeties'. Of course I did not and treated myself. There was also a cake stand in the shape of a glorious golden sunflower. I decided not to get that, but immediately regretted it later. These muffins are the same recipe as the Rhubarb and ginger loaves with only a slight variation. The buttermilk was replaced with a mixture of sour cream lightened with a little milk, and the crystallized ginger with 1 teaspoon of ginger powder.


  1. Muffins in a cup - that's a first. They look really good as do the saucers. I'm feeling very envious of your charity shops to find such nice things. Particularly like the sound of the golden sunflower cake stand.

  2. Thanks Choclette.
    Surely you must have seen muffins in a cup in all those good foodie mags! :D
    Its so funny how we envy other peoples charity finds. Yeah, I do regret not getting it, but there must have been a reason why I had decided not to purchases it - just can't remember it.

  3. I wouldn't have been able to resist those cups and saucer either, and they go perfectly with your rhubarb muffins. They do remind me too of a child's tea set and/or something Alice would eat from in Wonderland. Very pretty!

  4. Really great blog! Love the pics, the recipes and the whole lot. I need to find some more time to go back and read the old posts!

    Cheers from Pennsylvania!

  5. Those were such a good find! I love them!!

  6. Thank you so, So much Dave for the lovely comments and compliment.

    I am so pleased to read that you would not have been able to resist them either Rose. I know I did not 'need' them, but sometimes temptation gets to me. They are a reminder of a childs set, but much more delicate and fragile - a Grown Up childs Tea-set for sure!

    Thank you Morgan. I am so delighted to read that you like them too.

  7. I love those cups, often look around charity Shops and second hand markets, but I have never found such pretty cups :-(
    Possibly I give up too quickly, I should 'dig' more!

  8. Hi - came across to see you after your comment on my blog. Those teacups and saucers really are like sweeties! I make a rhubarb cake - must try these muffins.

  9. Those muffins and the invite to tea sounds way delish, if only to eat off those ever so cute dishes.

  10. I thought that was an invitation to your house for a minute there. Oh well.

    I do so love the cups and saucers and the muffins look yum. I was pondering what to make today and now I know. I am all ready too, I have rhubarb in the freezer and sour cream left over from our chilli wrap dinner last night. Now hold on while I scrabble about for a pen.

  11. I love your flower petal cups and saucer... very beautiful!

  12. Ohh your teacups are so beautiful, they would go perfectly in my collection ;)


  13. I love your Muffin in a cup idea, it really sets them off nicely! Gorgeous cups aswell!

  14. Alessandra.
    It was a fortunate buy. There are times when I got to charity shops and see nothing, other times 'gems' like these.

    Thank you so much for coming over Vegetable Heaven - a name of one of my favourite cookbooks.

    Aww Thanks Kella. Maybe one-day - who knows!

    Oh Jacqueline. Maybe one day our paths will actually cross.

    I hope you like the rhubarb muffins. There are so many versions on blogs on the moment, some with white chocolate chip cookies!

    Thank you Rachana.

    You know I was thinking of you when I took this photograph :D

    Thank you Scented Sweetpeas.
    Muffins, fairycakes in cups is really an old idea - I am sure I've seen it in some foodie mag.

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is the best I have seen to date. Please feel free to pinch any of my tips at

  16. Thank you so much for you kind compliment Garden Tips. It is most appreciated. If I do use any of your tips or inspirted by them, please be assured I will link it back to you.

  17. Lovely cups, Mango. I love foraging in thrift stores, too. Some of my favorite things have come from there. And those muffins, yum. I would love to have a cup of tea and a muffin with you.

  18. Thank you Barbara.
    I would love to have a cup of tea and maybe a slice of cake with you too.

  19. I adore them, lucky you finding them.

  20. Thanks Kath.
    Yes I was rather lucky!

  21. Wow everything looks so lovely and perfect for celebrating spring! I especially like the look of those muffins in pretty teacups. :) They remind me that I should try cooking with rhubarb at some point.

  22. I love those teacups - seriously pretty. I think if I had them I'd just sit around drinking tea all day...and that would be just fine.

    Fab looking muffins too. I need more time to try all the lovely things you make.

  23. Thank you Tiffany.
    There are so many wonderful vegan rhubarb recipes on blogs.

    Thanks Christine.
    Yours comment made me smile.
    I think I have drunk out of one of the cups. They tend to sit pretty in my small cabinet otherwise.

  24. Hey Mangocheeks, I put the muffins on hold when I realised you made the muffins with fresh rhubarb and made a rhubarb and custard cake instead, but now my mum has kindly brought me some fresh rhubarb, so I will be making them soon and yes, it would be lovely to meet up sometime :)

  25. Rhubarb and custard cake - MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Thanks Jacqueline. It'll happen one of these days.


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