Sunday, 6 September 2009

More wintery, than summery

Well we did go over to the allotment, but I must admit we did not spend anytime working there. The weather is just horrendous, it is pouring down like nobodys business, and the last thing I want is a cold for a busy working week ahead.
We did however do some harvesting. Some more tomatoes, kuttiger carrots, golden and Detroit beetroot, purple top Milan turnip, some red beard spring onions and a decent white gem parsnip. I can see a root roast for dinner some time during this week. But there's more...
Some more green french climbing beans, finale fennel, Hispi and a greyhound cabbage and some lavender for drying. You will see that I also have some pears. These pears are not mine, they are my neighbours and had fallen on my side of the plot, windfall you see - so I took them. I don't know what variety they are, but they are very yellow, ripe with a red blush and bruise easy. I also took a walk over to plot 11 and harvested a handful of autumn raspberries and some scarlet emperor runner beans.
Here's moi harvesting some blauhilde, blue lake and neckar gold climbing beans under the watchful eye of jaunty scarecrow. Behind the climbing beans, you can see the towering Jerusalem artichokes. Something to look forward to in the winter months and during the hungry gap.
This is one of my dwarf sunflowers, not flowering much is it?! In fact they all look like this. I wonder if it's an autumn variety, I will have to double check to seed packet, as I have forgotten.
Ice Queen lettuce in a nice and neat row.
These golden sunrise, tigerella and gardeners delight tomatoes are still ripening. D has promised to make some more tomato soup tomorrow. His tomato soup batch lasted all week. The last bowlful was consumed today for lunch. I noted in the greenhouse that I had some curly kale and leeks still to plant out. I think I may take them home next week to plant in my garden plot.
Look who we have here - At the bottom of my plot path I have one of the lay-committee members shouting to get our attention. He grumbled a little, that there was noone about, today I can understand why - it's raining mate!
A quick look at my stutgart white and red onions drying. I have just left them to dry, none of this tying up into neat bunches. I wasn't that proud of them and I think they will be gone before the years out.


  1. I think if a meat eater were to read your blog, it may convince them to go vegetarian! Theres just so many fresh veggies its amazing, not to mention the beautiful berries. And your recipes are delicious too.
    That first picture makes me want to go to the markets. Ive never tried a yellow tomato before, and the fresh lettuce looks perfect for a salad roll.


  2. what a fabulous harvest and tasty looking soup. You'll not go hungry through the autumn will you :o3 You're onions look good and guess what, Dave's commented on my blog (under 'using up black bananas!) and said my onions are stuttgarter reisen too.

  3. Thanks Rose,
    Such a lovely comment, but I hold my breath, both my nephews were here a little while ago and my mother, as much as they loved my homemade food, I don't think they would go vegetarian.

    The yellow tomatoes are not as sharp as the red variety. Do you want to see what a yellow and red tomato soup looks like, come back later in the week and I will show you, as my husband decided to combine the two together. It is an interesting colour.

    Hey Nic,
    Thank you. I will pass on your comment to the man in the house, I think he will pleased.

    PS I think you are being too too kind about my onions, they look nothing like yours: full and bulbous (ahhhh)

  4. I lookforward to seeing your tomato soup! I imagine the two colours would make it a brown colour :)


  5. I had it for my lunch today and it was 100% vegan, but i'll show it tomorrow, not today. You'll see why later.

    Michele, they taste as good as they look too!

  6. Now how the heck I missed this post, great harvests. You could teach me a thing or two on keeping my plot as productive as yours.

    I think I fail on the successional sowing front.

  7. Don't worry about it Kella.
    I start of very well with successional planting, but then I run out of room, but that's not a bad thing, cos you end up sharing what you can't plant with others. This year though, I will be out of the onions before the year is out and thse carrots will need to be stored well.


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