Monday, 7 September 2009

Meat Free Mondays

In the U.K the former Beatle, Paul McCartney has recently launched the campaign Meat free Mondays, a play on 'Fish Free Fridays'.  Meat Free Mondays is a concept that is undoubtedly influenced by the radical experiment happening in the Belgian city of Gent famed more for its seafood, rather than the lentil burger.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation meat is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions and it turns out that the eating meat is one of the most carbon intensive things a human being can do. So the flemish people have been encouraged to give up meat on Thursdays, not only to reduce obesity; and their impact on the climate, but also to combat cruelty to animals under some intense meat and dairy farming.

McCartney is also a patron of The Vegetarian Society, so has also been highlighting the environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet. The Meat Free Mondays (MFM) campaign has drawn popular support from a wide range of celebrities from around the globe including Woody Harrelson, Joanna Lumley, and Monty Don.

I personally think it is a good way raise peoples awareness and get them to reflect on their eating habits. It is also a good way of encouraging people to perhaps consider making some alternative food choices without being accused of pontificating about a vegetarian diet.


  1. Yay! 6 peeps in our house, males are omnivores and us 3 females are veggie. we have been having meat free mondays for the whole house for about 5 weeks now....its great to encourage the other half of our house!!!

  2. You've got to love McCartney for helping to raise awareness!

  3. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous.
    Interesting gender and diet divide. Nice to read that people are actually participating in MFM.

    Hey Barbara,
    Yes, I guess any promotion the campaign can get is a good thing.

  4. Meat free Monday has been on my to posts-to-do list since it was discussed in the Friends of the Earth newsletter in July. Thanks for posting details and as more people read your blog than mine do you mind me adding a link to the FoE response to an article in the Independant which asked why we can't just give up farting cows and carry on eating pigs and chickens.

  5. I have also been planning to do a meat free Monday post. You beat me to it!

  6. I hadn't heard of this. It must have passed right over my head!

  7. Hi Nic,
    I was going to do this post when I originally heard about the idea in July, but then got distracted with food posts, that yesterday I thought. I better do it now or someone like you is going to beat me to it...glad I did (hee hee).

    Don't underestimate your blog readers my dear. You have a fanbase, they just haven't told you they are there. Of course I am happy to share the FoE article. I must check it out myself, as I don't recall reading it on-line.(see below further comment for you)

    Nic and Michele,
    Ooooh i'm sorry that I beat you both to this post on Meat Free Mondays (MFM). But both of you, don't let that stop you from posting about it on your blog, you have different readers than me, so please do go ahead, the more people who read about it, the greater the awareness of MFM.

    Finally Hello Michele and Welcome back. You have been missed.

  8. Oh Jacqueline.
    You have so many readers from all over the world, you must take this opportunity and let your readers know about it. Go on please...pretty please.


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