Monday, 14 September 2009

Glowing with Marigolds

Yesterday we put in a good days work at the allotment. D cleared out the greenhouse that housed the blighted san manzano plum tomatoes, while I did my bit, lugging over some of our bits and pieces from plot 11, including digging out two herb plants: lovage and sage - walking back and fro from plot 11 to plot 45 certainly took its toll on me. I am glad that I won't be doing it for much longer. D carried over some shelving that we had in the shed over there.

It's funny we haven't 'officially' given over the plot 11 yet, and we have people coming over eyeing what there is to 'take' including raspberry canes, the wheelbarrow had already disappeared. Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on it too much as we are handing back plot 11 officially this coming weekend.
I got to do some harvesting, the best bit of growing your own veg. This tray holds harvest from plot 11. You can see a handful of broad beans, raspberries, black kale and some measly orla potatoes. I also picked some red beard spring onions (scallions) and some more tomatoes (not pictured here) from Plot 45.
I am already running out of our white stutgart onions at home, so I decided to take home another basketful, it's all that recent chutney making.
I managed to clear the squash bed, these are some baby gem squashes. I am not too sure what I am going to do with them, but they seem to be ripening slowly, so no need to worry about them rotting yet.
I have been surprised with these marigolds, early on they were giving me no sign of blooming, I assumed because they were bought quite cheaply, but in the past two week, plot 45 is glowing with mariGOLDS.
It really is lovely to walk into, even those passing by are complimenting them. Those dwarf sunflowers have still not opened up, but I am optimistic to see their heads coming out this weekend, as I could see a bit of yellow coming through.
I also picked this little red cabbage marner which D used for our supper.
Home-grown Coleslaw: our carrots, our red and green cabbages served with boiled orla potatoes. It's healthy grub for a change.


  1. The marigolds are gorgeous, do you eat them?
    Your blog very much reminds me of the markets, so fresh!


  2. Coleslaw looks delicious...colorful too...I've always liked the look of the red and green cabbage together. Marigold colors are quite vibrant...I always liked to grow them near tomatoes and onions.

  3. It beggars belief that people are removing stuff from your plot while you are still officially tenanted there.

    My marigolds have done really well this year, in previous years the wet summers have made the extremely vulnerable to slug damage. The warmer drier weather this year even allowed me to collect seed from them as well.

  4. what a fabulous harvest and I love the look of your coleslaw. I shall have to try red cabbage next year (if I can bear the thought of another crop in the garden to entice the caterpillars!)

  5. Thanks Rose,
    Although I have eaten marigold petals a few times, I primarily grow them as companion flowers for my vegetables. I feel all nice and fuzzy when you say my blog reminds you of some markets, so fresh! Thanks.

    I will tell my husband re the Coleslaw about it looking both delicious and colorful - he will be pleased.

    Re the marigolds, I grow them same as you as companion plants and as a deterent, some of the slugs seem to like them.

    It beggars belief that people are removing stuff from your plot while you are still officially tenanted there.

    Hi Kella
    I've been pretty fortunate with my marigold growing, this year, they were a bit on the slow side though. There have been signs of slug damage, but because there as so many, i'm not fussed, the slugs can have them as long as they stay of the other veg.

    Collecting the seeds from marigolds is something I have been slow at, so this year, I will try to where I can. Thanks for planting the idea in my head, get it 'planting'... oooh I must be tired.

    Hiya Nic,
    Thanks. It's a different kinda harvest fromt he past few weeks thats for sure.

    I didn't plant that many red cabbages, as I don't eat them much, only a dozen or so, of which only six seem to have taken off. I hope you have more success than me, as well as keeping those eeky caterpillars off.

  6. Love coleslaw and those are the cutest squashes~

  7. They are cute. I totally agree. Shame they will be consumed in a month or so time. But now I will revel in their cuteness.

  8. Gorgeous marigolds. Such a wonderful flower - so simple yet so lush.

  9. Thank you Scarlett,
    They are all doing magnificently at the plot. I am totally stunned by them.


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