Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cat amongst the pigeons

I saw this in the West End of Glasgow a few months ago. I think it's a good time to share as it's purpose I am sure is to make people smile, somewhat...


  1. how lovely, must have been really tricky to paint on a bumpy surface.

  2. Congratulations Mangocheeks!
    You have WON my recycled book contest!
    Email me at so I know where to mail your Recycled Book!
    I posted your win on my blog!

  3. Thank you Nic,
    Yes, painting on the bumpy surface, must have taken some patience.

    Thank you so much Jenn,
    This is really unexpected, so Thank you so much. Since taking the picture of the Welly woof woof, it now has a recycled groovy dog laad round its neck and a sandal as a chew. I will try and get another picture posted in the near future.

    Once again, Thank you.


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